Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 12



This show kind of gave its best and worst in this final episode. It reminded us of the ridiculous outfits and ways it has treated its female cast even while making us laugh as Re=L threatens to take down Leos.


It gave us a truly absurd wedding dress and what did they do to Sistine’s hair?


We also had a villain whose motives were poorly explained and who seemed fairly mentally unbalanced which has become something of a trend for this series.


That said, we also got a really cool magic fight and Glenn got some of his slightly cooler moments fairly reminiscent of the episode where he first started actually teaching magic and not being a complete waste of space.


All and all, this episode concludes the whole Sistine marriage to Leos thing (which was kind of concluded before the episode only, who knew) and they at least remember that the Akashic Records are in the title of the show, but otherwise we’re still none the wiser about most of the other aspects of the world or storyline. While I didn’t hate this, I wasn’t exactly sitting on the edge of my seat either.

I’ll complete a full series review of this shortly.

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 12

  1. I laughed quite hard at all the “justice”-ish names justice-kun had, in his angel, skills, name, lines. That apart, it was a weird ride, I felt this episode tried to put lots of content in it… and from what LN readers say, it seems it adapted 5 volumes… Holy, how much I hate rushed adaptations (not an excuse for a poor story, but I haven’t read the LN personally so I can’t say much).

    Also, I Justice-kun flying onto a cross after a Glenn’s punch was hilarous. But I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be funny…

  2. What did you think about the show’s attempt to develop the minor casts like the Sistine’ female and male classmates? It wasn’t up to the assassination classroom level, in which we basically know a lot about each student…but I think the show gave a decent try?

    1. I genuinely don’t remember a single person from the class outside of the main group except the glasses guy (and I don’t remember his name). Then again, due to my overall lack of enjoyment watching the show (there were some good moments but overall the show wasn’t doing much for me) I probably wasn’t paying enough attention to pick up character development of the minor cast members.
      Assassination Classroom on the otherhand I loved and I really liked a lot of the minor characters and paid a lot of attention to any detail they would share about them.

  3. As someone who really enjoyed this series, and the original novels, I can only hope this gets a second season to further explore the world and the fabled Akashic Records.

    There’s a lot more material after this that could be adapted, and LIDEN Films aren’t exactly afraid to do second seasons, so perhaps we’ll get lucky.

    Your final thoughts are similar to mine. I’d say I enjoyed the series a little more than most, but it stumbled a little more than it should have, which stopped it from being something truly great.

    That last battle was great though.

    Still one of my favourites of the season. Looking forward to your final review.

  4. Need to watch. DX
    Seriously, this meets my conditions in what I search for in an anime:
    Hot Guy in the main cast who is often smug or stupid
    Action filled or fantasy filled plot

    Is this a mirage in the anime desert or a dream come true!? XD

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