Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 11



In case it hasn’t become clear, Glenn really doesn’t have any shame but at least he understood his opponent and the tactics he would be up against and devised a suitable counter, even if he didn’t play to win but merely bring the duel to a draw.


That said, his basic personality is all over the shop. I get that they are trying to give us this whole tragic back story so we can see Glenn as just a young mage full of ideals that got crushed by tragedy and his current obnoxious persona is merely a cover for deep inner pain but to be perfectly honest I’m not buying it. He’s just too obnoxious.


That said, plot armour apparently broke this episode at least temporarily because while Glenn may have taken the class combat to a draw he later gets beaten fairly badly and from Sistine’s voice over it seems he slunk away. I somehow doubt that’s the case and it’s probably all part of some plan to have Leos reveal his hand so they can round up everyone all at once and somehow everything will work out, but maybe this show will surprise me. Maybe.

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor is available on Crunchyroll.

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7 thoughts on “Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 11

  1. I like your creative ending, but I don’t think Sistine and Rumia would be powerful enough combined to defeat Leos and that the evil tophat man as the great puppet master he is might specifically want Glenn to be where he is right now, but I believe he does want Glen to defeat Leos because it seemed that his emotions where to let Leos loose to his oun plans showing he either he doesn’t care less about him and more about glen or is useing him as a test subject for angles dust maybe because of the dark lines under Leos’s eyes. Anyway that is just my theory but in any way it turns out I am exited none the less

  2. I was staring at your homepage for like ten minutes before clicking onto this one because I was worried about what you would say about Glenn.

    “but to be perfectly honest I’m not buying it. He’s just too obnoxious.”

    Well, you could’ve said worse but you’re right. Glenn was pretty terrible this episode.

    1. There’s no point continually bashing a character. People get by now I don’t like him so other than that there didn’t seem any point in harping on that without actually discussing the plot. I speculated on someone else’s post that maybe he’ll just stay gone and Rumia and Sistine will save the day without his help (mostly because I think that would be the best way for this series to end).

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