Ahiru no Sora Episode 2 Review

Ahiru Episode 2

Effort vs EFFORT

Episode 2 of Ahiru no Sora was pleasantly watchable and reasonably engaging considering I was not expecting much after the first episode. The removal of random and petty fights kind of helped as instead we got a continuation of the show down on the court and then learned a bit about the other characters while Sora shot a lot of baskets. It isn’t amazing but there’s definitely some potential here and if it maintains its current path I’m probably going to enjoy this enough during its run.


They were making a heavy appeal for us to at least understand Momoharu and maybe not think he’s total scum after last week’s effort. I’m going to point out, I still really hate him. If he was someone I knew in real life I would utterly despise him. Still, he does at least have a moment of realisation at the end when he realises the effort he put in before quitting vs the effort Sora is putting in, and still putting in, that at least makes it seem like maybe he’s going to grow as a person. It doesn’t make up for randomly trying to steal someone else’s shoes but at least there’s a chance he won’t remain at rock bottom.



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The pacing in this second episode was definitely better as episode one felt like it dragged a bit. Here we moved swiftly between the match to the aftermath to the next day and so on with the show never feeling like we were treading water. I do want to know why Chiaki seems to think ducks can’t fly but that’s probably a question for another episode.


I’m not expecting great things from Ahiru no Sora but I definitely walked away from episode 2 with more confidence that I’ll see this one through. The one thing we probably could have done without was the part about the guy using a pole to try to steal a girl’s bra but clearly the holes in the wall between the two changing rooms is going to be an ongoing issue. Other than that, I found this episode pretty pleasant.

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