Afterlost Review Episode 12


Definitely no bread crumbs at the end of the bread crumb trail.


Shoumetsu Toshi Episode 12

Okay, they never really had a clue what caused any of this or what was actually going on. It all came down to will power, friendship, and an individual choice with no context given as to why any of those things mattered or would have any impact on reality. Afterlost is a meandering mess of a tale right until the end, but they didn’t forget that Yuki wanted green curtains so I’m glad they got the important details right (sarcasm).

That will fix everything.

There’s really little positive to say about this final episode other than it is a final episode. One way or another the character that has been playing the role of the villain did not succeed at finishing Lost and saving all the people from his universe. Still not sure how that happened or why but I think there was something involving a magic bullet… Doesn’t matter. Not even slightly.

Don’t even ask me what is happening here. I just don’t know.

We did get one sequence of what life would have been like if Lost had never happened. For a brief horrifying moment, I thought Yuki might actually choose to undo it all which would make it even worse than pointless. Like one of those ‘it was all a dream’ endings. Nothing worse. Fortunately Yuki decided against that. I’m not entirely sure what she chose given she never actually articulated it but the world just kind of kept on going.


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I am going to do a full review of this anime but it won’t be for a few weeks so I’ll save you the anticipation. Just pass.

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