Adopt a Kitten, It Could Save Your Life

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My Roommate is a Cat Episode 1 Review

A slice of life/comedy? My favourite. (Please note: sarcasm.)

Actually, given I enjoyed Barakamon and Poco’s Udon World, both of which this one kind of reminds me of (though with quite a lot less impact), My Roommate is a Cat’s first episode actually kind of worked for me. I didn’t mind Subaru as the socially awkward writer who brings home a kitten on a whim and a flash of inspiration and I certainly could see my own cat in the kitten as it tried to make sure Subaru was alright (okay, my cat never gave me a bowl of cat biscuits but it certainly brings me grass-hoppers and she knows when I’m sick and stays with me).

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 1 Subaru and Cat

However, there isn’t a lot more to this first episode other than meeting the writer, who may annoy some viewers as he is a bit blunt and rude at times to his editor, and meeting the cat. There’s a few other characters such as the editor and I’m guessing the childhood friend (though friend may be the wrong name for it), however their impact in this first episode is pretty minimal.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 1 Subaru

The one part of the story that was a little unexpected was seeing the sequence from the cat’s point of view but that only added a little tiny bit to the episode, and to be honest we probably could have figured out most of that narration without it actually being narrated to us by the cat.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 1 Subaru and Cat

So, this one I kind of enjoyed for a relaxing watch but there’s not a huge amount to recommend it. Everything about it is decent enough, and the OP is incredibly catchy and probably my favourite part about the show so far. Still, it’s got an anime cat in it that is absolutely adorable and it didn’t annoy me, so this one will stay on my watch list for now.

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9 thoughts on “Adopt a Kitten, It Could Save Your Life

  1. I think both dogs and cats have their perks – I don’t really see why I have to take sides on such a debate – but I don’t think I’ve squealed in delight at a seasonal this much since Netjuu no Susume. The part where it showed the cat’s backstory completed sucker-punched me in the feels!

  2. I quite enjoyed Barakamon and if it’s similar or have the same vibe, I’ll be adding this to my list (cute neko obsession notwithstanding).

  3. At first when I saw this anime going around the web, I thought it was some sort of kitty meme. But then I read your post, and holy kitten paws, do I have a mighty need of watching it lol. It sounds purrfect for a nyan lover like me, haha. XD (pardon the silliness, cats are my ultimate weakness in every sense).

  4. I’m a dog man myself but I enjoyed this one. I liked that the cat was actually full of good intentions but couldn’t express this to Subaru. Good fun! 🙂

    1. Growing up I didn’t really think much of cats but they are the absolute best.

      When they aren’t launching surprise attacks on you in the middle of the night from the top of the air conditioning unit.

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