Ace Attorney Episode 1

I kind of went back this week and checked out some of the anime that I didn’t watch during Spring. I started with Ace Attorney.


Court room drama with maybe some comedy thrown in?


Going into this, I knew that I wasn’t really into the idea of this anime. I haven’t played the games and to be honest, courtroom melodrama has never been a favourite of mine. Throw in the clunky looking characters, incredibly stilted dialogue that feels like they are trying to thread dialogue options in a game together, and the way over the top character reactions to everything and one episode was definitely enough of this. Not going to catch the rest of this series.

3 thoughts on “Ace Attorney Episode 1

  1. Aw, poor Phoenix Wright, he just want to point his finger at people aggressively. :<

    Now when you say over the top is it like Sakamoto or is it a lot further out there?

    1. Probably about the same level but Sakamoto was far more fun. This kind of just feels like a badly acted courtroom drama. I didn’t give it much of a chance, but it didn’t do all that much to convince me I should.

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