ACCA Series Review – A Unique Way of Planning A Coup


ACCA Overview:

ACCA tells the story of Jean Otus, an inspector who travels the 13 districts of the Kingdom of Dowa, who is about to get drawn into a whole lot of political intrigue. With rumours of a coup gathering momentum, what will Jean do? Probably smoke a cigarette.

I reviewed ACCA week to week so if you are interested in my episodic thoughts click here.

ACCA Review:

Those of you who followed my week to week reviews already know, I loved watching ACCA. It was a must watch every week and I couldn’t get enough of it. Watching it, talking to others about it, speculating about where it was all going. So, now that it is finished, what are my thoughts.


Unsurprisingly, I still think ACCA is truly an incredible story. I’ll go into detail later but, after getting to the end and thinking about it, I realise that the audience for ACCA is actually kind of small. The opening act moves almost terminally slow, the information is revealed as necessary during the second act but requires a lot of work on the part of the audience to put together, and by the third act the cards are on the table but for the final twist, which I found immensely satisfying but I can understand that many people out there my wonder what on earth the point of watching the show was.


So, I’m going to explain why I loved ACCA and why it is amazing. But I’ll also not be surprised if you tell me in the comments you dropped this early on, or it didn’t do much for you. This one is definitely a matter of whether you get into it or not, or whether you enjoy stories that slowly give out the details and allow you to fit them together numerous ways before it shows its hand.

First and foremost, the opening theme is perfect. While it isn’t the most striking anime theme music in history and nor does it pack much punch outside of the context of the show it perfectly sets the tone for the anime you are about to watch. Heavily influenced by jazz and yet not particularly fast paced the opening hints at a show that is laid back, just a little bit off-beat, but full of hidden intrigue, and that’s more or less exactly what it delivers. I must admit the opening theme was part of what made me so excited to start each episode.


Secondly, the characters really grabbed me. I know some people will disagree, but I found Jean Otus fascinating from start to finish. He is different from your usual anime protagonist being older, non-violent, no shouting of any sort, not a super genius or particularly amazing at anything, not incompetent, not the focus of a harem, etc, etc.

While some may dismiss him as bland, I found him to be a highly nuanced character and a lot of my enjoyment in the earlier episodes came from trying to figure out what was going on inside his head. Later in the series we get more of a look at him and there are moments where full and genuine expressions cross his face, and it all just works perfectly at fleshing out a character who feels very real.


However every character in this series, regardless of screen time (and some of them barely appear in two episodes) manage to feel like an individual. A character crafted with care and attention to detail. They fill the role they are given in the narrative but also add some truth to the world being constructed.


And that brings me to the third reason I loved this series. The small details. Everything in this story has purpose. Whether it is creating a distinction between one district and another, foreshadowing a later plot point, giving a character back story, every single detail is there for a reason. Some obviously carry more weight than others, but nothing is wasted. Even the excessive focus on food (do not watch this show hungry) serves the valuable purpose of clearly identifying districts and later creates links between characters who share a love of a particular type of food.


But my number one reason for loving my watch of ACCA is that at no point did I feel I was being talked down to by the narrative. They allow the audience time to process information and to put it together. Even when information is revealed they don’t feel the need to excessively explain how the new information fits in with the old. They just reveal it and move on expecting that the audience can and will make the connection themself. It’s been a long time since I’ve really found something that didn’t make me feel like they expected my memory was jettisoned every twenty seconds.


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All that said, I do have to address a few minor criticisms because no matter how much I loved it there are definitely some criticisms that are needed. Spoilers coming.


The big one that actually really rocked me was after they formally acknowledge (by having a character say it) that Jean was royalty, suddenly every character was just talking about his bloodline like it had been common knowledge from the start. While it did help steer the narrative along it felt like a very sharp turn in the narrative that didn’t get quite enough time to develop.


The other criticism I have is Lotta, Jean’s sister. While she is certainly cute and loves her bread, and she does at times progress plot points, I kind of felt like her removal from the story wouldn’t have harmed it in the least at most points. Okay, they would have needed a different portrait to draw the link between the Otus’ and the royals, and the whole attempted assassination plot probably would have needed to be scrapped but it didn’t serve all that much purpose anyway.

The Rail being infatuated by her storyline also could have easily been swept away. That said, if they did that, then a lot of the air time of the series vanishes, so I guess they just needed to do more with her character to make her feel a little bit more needed. At the moment she just kind of feels there.


As I said at the start, I fully understand why this anime won’t appeal to everyone so I won’t tell you that you have to watch it or that I don’t understand why you didn’t like it. However, if you haven’t given it a go and you wouldn’t mind an anime that has a fairly clever story and some great writing, then its worth checking out. I had a blast with this during the 2017 Winter season and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more shows like it.

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Karandi James

23 thoughts on “ACCA Series Review – A Unique Way of Planning A Coup

  1. This is one of the Animeseries that I am looking forward to. I kept up to date through your posts and Weekend Otaku’s posts for this one, but it unfortunately isn’t available in my region yet. Hopefully that will change soon, as I always really enjoy the Animeseries that are different in some way. Slow can be good (though at times it can also kill a series). But take Kado for instance, that one certainly is slow, but because it is so very entertaining I am not bothered by it one bit. Looking forward to this one, and ofcourse as always this was a great read 😊

    1. Hopefully you get access to ACCA soon. I found it very enjoyable. Very frustrating when something isn’t available in your region. There’s at least one show each season where I get quite annoyed that I can’t watch it due to either which service has it or region locking.

      1. Yep, so true. That is why I am so glad that Attack on Titan is available here (that was one if the series that I was really worried would not be available here).

  2. I stopped reading at the part where you warned for spoilers but I did read your reasons for loving this anime, and now I want to watch it even more than I did before. This and Scum’s Wish were the two series that caught my attention in Winter 2017. I followed your episodic thoughts as well – skimmed it to avoid spoilers while still getting the general impression – and I really am very interested in this series. It sounds wholly unique.

    1. It’s definitely a bit different from the normal high school, shonen or romance series that seem to dominate seasons. That said, it isn’t some experimental mess either. It’s just a really great story told in an incredibly laid back manner.

  3. Yeah, this was really underrated. It’s a type of show that didn’t exactly excite me on an episode-to-episode basis, but once it’s all done and I can see the whole picture, I just realized how good it really was. It seemed many got turned off by its pace and conversation-heavy nature, which is a shame.

    That flashback/backstory episode (sixth, I think? The one seen from Nino’s POV) was the turning point for me; the show’s been outstanding from that point to the end.

    1. That episode was fantastic mostly because not only was it fun by itself but it made you rethink everything leading up to that point an add in the new information.

  4. My love for ACCA knows no bounds, I think it’s a shame that it seems to have such a small audience but I really hope and believe that given time and enough people (like yourself) singing it’s praises that it could garner the recognition it deserves.

    And I agree with you on the detail part. One really fun aspect for me was trying to figure out which real life place each region was based on once I realized they were doing that. Some were easy (like Badon being NYC) but I wasn’t able to pin down what Suitsu was.

    I think this series also epitomizes what I love about anime, it’s concise nature. I think it was originally a 6 volume manga and they adapted all of it. It’s a story that knew exactly how long it needed to be and didn’t try to stretch itself out which so many others do.

    1. There’s definitely no filler in this series. I was surprised that they got to every district in the time period they had, but they really did only include the details needed and got on with the story.

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