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ACCA Episode 8 Review:

ACCA Episode 8 continues to know when it is time to make a reveal and this week the focus is entirely on what happened with the Princess and how Nino ended up watching over Jean and Lotta. Normally I’m not big on flashback episodes where we’re told what happened back when, usually because we’ve already made the logical assumptions and it feels like we’re treading over old ground while the main story stagnates. ACCA doesn’t have that feeling.

Yes, we’d kind of put the pieces together during the previous episode but due to the ambiguous nature of so many statements seeing the reality of what happened and seeing a lot of it from Nino’s view has really consolidated the plot up until now. Its satisfying in that it confirms most of what we’ve suspected but at the same time it doesn’t feel like we already had all the answers.

acca episode 8

Though probably the biggest surprise is the age difference between Nino and Jean. Earlier in the episode I wondered how Nino had met Jean in high school given how much older he was supposed to be and ACCA didn’t just ignore that point. It addressed it head on (though I’m still not convinced people won’t guess your age just because you wear glasses).

All and all, this was another solid episode. The last few minutes where Jean returns home leave me feeling uncertain about what is going to happen next. He is always hard to read but in this case it kind of feels like even he doesn’t know what is next.

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Karandi James

7 thoughts on “ACCA Episode 8

  1. Acca is the only anime right now that I watch right when it aired. The intrigue is still there and I love the last episode to the very end. The animation was also very good. From how some scenes have inverted colors to show it happened in the past, or how some of the parts looks sketchy.

    And I like the fact that each episode lingers after you watch it. You want to question things.. yet once you find your own answer, Jean does something differently!

    I wonder what’s going to happen next. Will he claim the throne? One of the things that really made sense right now was back in episode 3(?) when the King did not abdicate right when everyone thinks he will.

    1. I also love how the episodes linger and as you read other people’s thoughts on them you end up questioning your own view of the episode. I think I’ve watched every episode at least twice and some I’ve gone over parts three or four times just trying to pick up another hint from the dialogue. Though as you say, just once you think you’ve got it, Jean does something you don’t expect but it still fits perfectly into the story. It’s just so much fun to watch.

  2. Haha, yes! Nino’s age was something that bothered me a little. He has to be like 43 now, right? Only in anime and Channing Tatum movies can a full grown adult pretend like he’s in high school.

    Jean is in a bit of a spot, I think. Nino reminds him that Schnee was removed from the royal records, so he doesn’t exactly have a claim to the throne anymore. Does he focus on the coup then, or otherwise try to protect the king? Many possibilities still.

    1. I would have thought Jean should be relieved he didn’t have a claim to the throne given his general attitude, but that didn’t seem to be the case at the end of the episode. Then again, it is more or less impossible to read Jean until he acts. I like that about him but it means it is much harder to predict the direction this will take from here.

      1. That’s a good way to put it. We don’t really know what Jean’s going to do until he does it. Judging by the way he treats Lotta though, I’m pretty sure he’s going to try to keep her blissfully ignorant about the whole thing. Just like his mother, Lotta is a free spirit and he wouldn’t want to see her confined by fame/royalty. The show does a lot to draw their parallels too. Remember when she said she liked Badon over Dowa?

        1. It’s one of the show’s best points the way it ties everything together. It really feels like a lot of advanced thought was put into things and nothing is just kind of incidental.
          I agree that Jean is likely to try to keep Lotta in the dark about the whole thing.

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