ACCA Episode 5


ACCA Episode 5 Review:

ACCA is fascinating. And ACCA episode 5 continues to keep me highly entertained.


Okay, the food obsession continues with the various people watching Lotta continually being distracted by eating, which is just kind of amusing but is hiding the more important question of whether or not the Prince’s infatuation with Lotta is actually of any significance or whether it is just one more plot thread that is being strung along.


Jean gets a hint about his watcher and that leads him to finally confronting Nino, only this doesn’t go the way most confrontations go. I guess when you are permanently laid back even the momentary shock that maybe a friend of yours betrayed you can quickly be rationalised, and what I like is that Jean thought through all of the other times he may have suspected Nino was involved and kind of put it all together. I also really liked Nino’s momentary despair when he realised Jean had noticed.

Other shows this season don’t get subtle. ACCA thrives on these small moments that show when a character is about to change their thinking or has suddenly experienced a set-back.


I am really starting to wonder if any coup exists or if this really is just a lot of political maneuvering but either way I’m keen to see where this show goes next.

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