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ACCA Episode 4 Review:

You kind of suspected that some of these 13 districts wouldn’t be all sweetness and light and giant food and ACCA episode 4 takes us to a district where the locals are less than impressed by the leadership they are receiving. Their representative, who promised to change the district, essentially left to live the good life elsewhere and never returns to the district.


But while the story of the local district coup is interesting it all feels a little diversionary from the overall picture, even though certain comments by characters keep reminding us that Jean is still under suspicion and that in each district there are some issues sitting just beneath the surface.


Probably the part of this episode that most intrigued me was the first few minutes where we have Lotta talking with Nino (who seems ot have nowhere else to go other than hang around his supposed friends little sister). Lotta’s putting together a package for the owner of the building that Jean and Lotta look after but she’s never met the owner.

Nino skillfully manages to take the package from her under the guise of delivering it to the post office but then makes a phone call where it seems he is talking to the owner of the building because Nino tells them he has the package from Lotta and he also confirms that this is the same person he was talking to on the phone in the last episode (so the mysterious other person Nino was working for). This has definitely given me plenty to speculate about as to who the owner is and why everyone finds Jean so fascinating but I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out.

Random speculation: The owner is either the King or the King’s advisor and Jean and Lotta are related to them. It kind of fits with the information we have but is probably wrong (still it’s fun theory). I kind of want it to be right because then we can have Jean take the place of the idiot Prince and because he’s been out in the districts he actually knows what is going on so as either advisor or royalty he’d be kind of useful to have in a position of power provided he could be bothered to act.

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Karandi James

5 thoughts on “ACCA Episode 4

  1. After last week’s episode, this episode actually felt lighter and as you said, a diversion. But who knows, it gave us a clearer picture of the country and maybe, all this events are going to lead to something huge. Right now, I am so excited about ACCA, I really want it to succeed.

  2. That line “I have Lotta’s present for you” sent my mind racing and I could barely focus on what was going on in Suitsu until Jean got captured.

    I’m on board with your speculation, but I think it’s the King they’re related to. Last episode, Kimmie made an offhand remark that the prince looks like Jean. I chalked it up to a lot of the characters having the same kind of face, but the more I thought about it, the more things seem to fit.

    1. I thought the King first but then nothing else has gone as expected so I decided to expand my theory. But still, the King fits. We’re probably all wrong but it is so much fun speculating with this story.

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