ACCA Episode 10


ACCA Episode 10 Review:

There’s no doubt ACCA has been an amazing watch so far and even this episode works very well and continuing the narrative and driving us ever closer to a climax that is definitely taking shape now.


The writing in ACCA Episode 10 has to be questioned. Now that Jean knows he is royalty it seems like every character in the entire show knows and just casually mentions it in passing like it is nothing. Previously cigarettes arrived in unmarked envelopes, now characters hand them to Jean with speeches about why they are betting on him to become the next King. Its weird and is probably the first major mis-step this show has taken.

ACCA Episode 10

Still, the end game of this show is far clearer now even as we anxiously await the final pieces to slot into place and all and all its been an outstanding ride. Let’s hope it makes it to the end without any more intrusive blunders.

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Karandi James

6 thoughts on “ACCA Episode 10

  1. i found that a bit weird too, but i just assumed it was a function of the fact that jean was more open about his knowledge of the coup as he went on. still, i dont think that fully explains, so id say it’s a fair point.

    1. It was just such a weird transition from everyone being so tight lipped to suddenly just casually mentioning it every other scene. And not just the leaders, even the average employees seem to know Jean’s royalty. Did someone run an ad on TV or put banners around the town or something?

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