A Thank You To Patrons and A Reminder

With Cautious Hero taking a break this week I thought I would slot in a small reminder about reviews available for patrons over on Patreon. I’m working on completing a small project for patrons by the end of the year, including a new introduction video which reflects the current image of the blog a bit more, and I’ve been working with an artist who has been putting some things together for me but for now I’m still covering one show each season exclusively for patrons.

Who are my wonderful patrons?

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These guys help me keep the blog going and are the reason I’ve been able to continue working on improving what I do. I’m incredibly thankful for their support as I am thankful for those who have bought me a ko-fi or donated through PayPal or bought a copy of the ebook. All of this has made me hope the dream of one day doing this full time isn’t just a pipe dream but actually a real possibility.

Gun Episode 2

This season for Patrons I am covering No Guns Life and the first two reviews are already available.


Last season it was the somewhat overlooked To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. I’m really glad that was recommended to me to be covered by one of my patrons or I might have missed it as well. Flawed though it was, I had a lot of fun watching each week.

A huge thanks again to everyone who has supported the blog. 100 Word Anime has grown into so much more than I thought it would when I started it back in 2016 and I’m very much looking forward to the next few years.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

Hope you enjoyed.

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3 thoughts on “A Thank You To Patrons and A Reminder

  1. As a new member of the anime blogging community, this post actually speaks volumes to me. We all probably started blogging as a hobby with a small dream that someday we might earn enough to actually make a living here. It scares me to think that even some of the most committed, decorated and invested members of the community are only still chasing that dream. Making a living here seems like a far far away dream…

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