A Place Further Than The Universe Episode 1: Mostly Harmless


Tamaki feels like she is wasting her youth but every time she tries to do something she gets scared and backs out. Then she meets Shirase who wants to travel to Antarctica because her mother did and went missing there.


I must admit, I really don’t buy into the idea that you have to travel somewhere to find yourself or that you are missing out on things just because you aren’t doing something extraordinary with your life so Tamaki’s main motivations as a character aren’t exactly hitting their mark in terms of making me care about her or the journey she is embarking on. That said, this first episode was pretty charming even if I did find myself a little indifferent to the overall story so far.


While I’m not convinced I’m going to stay on board with this for the season, I’m certainly wanting to know a little more about what the girls intend to do. However, the wanting to go to Antarctica just because your mother did motive isn’t really working for me either. What did work this episode were the interactions between the characters. Tamaki and Megumi make very believable friends and Tamaki’s initial interactions with Shirase were pretty solid.


I’m not such a fan of the visuals as the characters are all super shiny but the animation so far has been fine. This one is on a wait and see. If a lot of other stuff comes out, I’ll probably pass on this but it may manage to grab my interest a bit more in the next couple of episodes.

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15 thoughts on “A Place Further Than The Universe Episode 1: Mostly Harmless

  1. i quite liked this show, which colors my opinion of it, but im not sure i agree on the overall message. i wouldnt say that it’s really about mari finding herself, but rather that she has spent her entire school life staying within the bounds of school, never really venturing outside of her bubble. so travelling made sense to me because it’s the way to see new things and break out.

    1. The thing is that she admits she hasn’t even done things in the school like join a club or something. So she’s starting a grand adventure to do something when she hasn’t really done the things that are right under her nose. It is definitely a personal thing but I found her attitude to her normal life really obnoxious as though she was looking down on the idea of normal (didn’t take any pride in it or put any effort into her day to day). And then someone waved something shiny under her nose and suddenly her entire mindset changed and she cleaned her room.
      None of that stops the first episode from being a good first episode, but as I said on my review I’m not really connecting with the motives these characters are carrying.

      1. i can understand the impression of going too far or making things too grand. personally, i never got the sense that it “had” to be travelling. it was more like she was panicked and latched on to that idea. perhaps she failed to go to tokyo because she was too passive to do it herself, so it became easier when someone else presented the opportunity. it could easily be seen as looking down on the idea of a normal life, but i dont think id fault a grade schooler for that.

  2. I agree, I have never believed in that myself. I can find myself at home as well, don’t have to travel somewhere to do that. I’ve seen this one make an appearance over on a couple of blogs. Not yet sure if this one is a series I would really enjoy seeing. Looking forward to seeing another post on the next episode.

    1. I’m really just waiting for the next episode. A lot of people have really liked this and I can see why as it is a pretty well done first episode, but it really just wasn’t clicking for me.

  3. Can’t tell tell much about the story..but I actually like this kind of art style..It feels kind of pleasant and warm for me…. I might will stick with it till the end. One of the reasons is because it is from madhouse….

    1. I had a similar issue with the art style of Tsuki ga Kirei. So many people said it was pretty but I just find all the shine and light on the character’s faces annoying. Personal preference really and this one has a similar kind of look so far.

  4. I thought the first episode was quite charming. We definitely need more of the story to see where this journey will take us. I think it will be a good show just to relax to and enjoy.

    1. I think it will do that. Whether I feel like staying on board for a relax is still up in the air. It isn’t my favourite style of viewing and I’ve just come out of Girls’ Last Tour. That said, for people who like that style show this was a pretty good first episode with very little to complain about.

      1. Girl’s Last Tour was great but I was starting to get a little bored towards the end. I made it all the way through though! My favorite easy going anime for fall was Konohana Kitan. Totally cute, sweet, and enjoyable for a relaxing anime.

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