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Anime of the Decade

A lot has changed for me over the last decade. For one thing, midway through 2016 I started this blog and the amount of anime I watched and discussed exploded. So looking back at the anime and taking a step back from the heat of the moment and snap judgements, I’m now getting the chance to think about the anime I most loved from the last ten years.

The Rules:

No. 1: No sequels of any kind. This kind of knocked Natsume Yuujinchou out of the lists straight away because the first season aired in 2008. That said, Natsume is awesome and is now six seasons in. It was a big part of my last decade of anime and hopefully we’ll get more in the next decade.

No. 2: Only one anime from each season which gave me 4 picks from each year. Let me point out, when we hit 2016 that became a big problem, but I resolved it by cheating and you’ll see how when we get to that post.

No. 3: Other than 2019 anime, no matter how brilliant an anime was if I hadn’t rewatched it since it aired then it didn’t make the list. If I don’t like it enough to watch it more than once then it doesn’t deserve to be on an anime of the decade list.

Otherwise I just decided to have fun and go on a nostalgic trip through the last decade of anime. Incidentally, my to be watched and rewatched anime lists grew massively as I came across titles I remembered wanting to watch and anime that I really meant to get to rewatching and hadn’t. I do love that we have access to so much anime these days.

Winter 451625886 1577945280422



I’ve previously gushed over my love of this series in this review but I’m going to gush a little here. Despite it now being ten years old, Katanagatari is an amazing anime and one that is highly underappreciated. The format is a little different with episodes running 40 minutes rather than 20, but the story that unfolds over the 12 episodes is well worth watching. Between the gorgeous and unique art style, the fun characters, and a solid and well structured narrative, Katanagatari is one of those anime that has withstood the decade and remains a solid piece of entertainment. I’d also solidly recommend reading the novels because so far I’ve been having a fantastic time with them.

Definitely a must watch anime. It has adventure, martial arts, love and drama all wrapped up inside a truly beautifully presented package.

Spring 1821512031 1577945325489

Angel Beats


Another anime I know I’ve gushed over on numerous occasions and definitely expressed my love for it in my series review here. Angel Beats is an odd anime that uses the whiplash between ridiculous slap-stick comedic moments, slice of life antics, over-the-top action and high stakes drama to drag the viewer through an emotional roller coaster before ripping your heart out of your chest and stomping on it. And just when you think you won’t get over that it makes you smile and feel all warm and melty inside. Sure, there’s plenty you could say to criticise this story but if it sweeps you away it is one of those moving viewing experiences that is unforgettable and this one gets better and better on multiple watches.

Totally recommend you give this one a try though mileage will vary. Those who don’t like abrupt tonal shifts or ‘whacky’ characters will find this one a bit draining early on and it really is contrived to play on your heart strings, though it is effective if you let it be. I love it and I do believe this anime is one of my most rewatched DVD’s.

Summer 623397914 1577945307757



A slow burning vampire horror story set in rural Japan? Yeah, Shiki was a must watch for me and ended up being the first full anime I ever reviewed on my blog. Needless to say, I love it though with all the anime I’ve watched since starting the blog I will admit some of the shine has come off of it. Still, in terms of horror anime, this is still one of my favourites. For me, the long and slow build up as we wait for the first characters to realise what is happening is the kind of tense viewing I love with horror and once all hell breaks loose it feels worth it. While the ending definitely goes for shock and gore, horror fans will definitely appreciate it. Even a decade later there are few horror anime that can stand up to this one in terms of enjoyment.

Note, this anime is absolutely not for everyone. If you aren’t into horror and you don’t like blood then you are really going to find a lot to dislike in this story. Also those who just want to get to the fighting part of the story will find this one on the slow side because it takes a long time before people accept that they are actually even under attack. That said, there’s a great ensemble cast here and with rewatches you really appreciate all the relationships that exist within the village. Definitely one I’m still in love with ten years on. Plus there’s this creepy scene:

shiki megumi
Fall 1533177906 1577945346333



Bakuman isn’t an anime I talk about much on the blog and while characters and ideas from it have ended up on some of my top 5 lists, I’ve yet to write a review of it. Part of the problem is I haven’t watched it since starting my blog though it did meet the requirement of having been watched twice to end up on the list. The thing is, Bakuman is an awesome story of two aspiring manga artists. I feel some of the drama is a little contrived and the whole I won’t speak to you until you succeed gimmick is idiotic, but the core of the story, the creation of a manga and trying to succeed is absolutely solid and entertaining. Despite that, it just isn’t the kind of story I want to watch over and over. Twice was enough. That said, if you have never seen Bakuman, then you are missing out on a very solid anime from 2010.

Now there are entire essays that can be written about the working conditions of manga artists, the gender stereotypes reinforced within this story, and a whole slew of other points, but the bottom line is that it is a fun anime and if you ever wanted to learn the basics of how manga is produced, this anime is definitely going to give you a starting point.

Anime of the Decade

That was 2010. Tomorrow we will check out the year that was 2011. In the meantime, what are your must watch anime from 2010? Be sure to share in the comments.

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Karandi James

Check out my favourite anime from each year over the last decade:

19 thoughts on “A Decade of Anime 2010

  1. For me (I follow no particular rules here): Katanagatari, Kimi ni Todoke (started in 2009, ended in 2010), Sora no Woto, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Working, B Gata H Kei, Amagami SS, Kuragehime, Otome Youkai Zakuro

    Those are the stand-out shows, for me. I don’t need to talk about any of them; they’re known well enough. Irina reviewed Arakawa Under the Bridge on I Drink and Watch Anime, and you can find a recently finished episodical on Zakuro on Crow’s World of Anime. Those are the lesser known ones, I think.

      1. I always enjoy this type of posts, so thanks for posting them. (You should have a reply from for the 2011 post in your spam folder. I suppose the autofilter wasn’t happy with what I said about R-15 – I’d understand – read that section before you approve, and if necessary delete. It’s… a risque show.)

  2. I remember watching Angel Beats all the way until the last episode and then stopping it. I know if I saw it again I would enjoy it more, but I was not a fan of more slice-of-life anime back in 2010. Bakuman has been a show I have been interested in for a long time, but have not gotten the motivation to watch. Your post might have been what I needed to add it to my list!

  3. Hard to top Angel Beats for emotional impact. I knew I was in for a wild ride when Yuzuru Otonashi first met Tenshi/Angel. I about jumped out of my chair!

    They’re obviously not on the same dramatic level, but I have a real soft spot for both Cat Planet Cuties and Demon King Daimao. And Nyaruko: Crawling with Love. And Sekirei.

    But heaven help me, my favorite series from 2010 was High School of the Dead.

    Honestly, 2010 was a good year!

        1. It is a great ride. I always wished it would get a continuation just because it was so much fun. Very much trashy horror, but at least it knew its audience.

  4. The shout out to Katanagatari is real! As a fan of the Monogatari “style” I found this to be an engaging watch throughout despite the longer episode lengths. This series is certainly underrated!

    1. The longer episode length was a bit odd when I first watched it but honestly I think it works perfectly for the story they are telling. And yes, it is definitely one of the underrated gems of the last decade.

  5. Me, prior to reading anything: Well, I certainly know ONE anime from 2010 I absolutely adore!

    Me, after seeing the very first anime revealed: Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaah

    1. There was no way anything was going to beat it. It’s just a great viewing experience. I’ve finally received the third volume of the books so stories 7 – 9 and I’m really looking forward to having enough time to sitting down and reading it and then I need the final volume to be released though apparently that is 140 days away.

  6. Ooh this is a really cool idea for a post Karandi, though I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I haven’t watched a single one of your picks. I’ve heard of them all, but never actually gotten around to watching them. Guess I’ll have to fix that at some point, I’ll put them on my ‘To Watch’ list.

    1. I’ve been having fun going through other people’s best of the decade lists and finding titles I missed, particularly in the early half of the decade before I had streaming access. I think we’re all going to come out of the next few weeks with much longer watch lists.

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