A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episodes 1 + 2: That Time Something Happened to Kamijou

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I’ve previously reviewed season1 of a Certain Magical Index and at the time I kind of made it clear that while I had fun enough with the show, I preferred the Railgun spin-off, in a very rare case of preferring a spin-off and that Index has some real issues. I never did review the second season individually because really it was jut more of the same. Well, back for a third season, eventually, and the first episode finally available for people in more regions and the question is what are we in for?

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 2

There’s a simple answer though; nothing has changed. We still have Kamijou wandering around Academy City harmlessly going about his business and being just really unlucky in the events and encounters he has during episode 1 of this return. On the brighter side we’re reminded quickly of the key players in the academy and they even throw a shooting into the mix just so we’re reminded that despite looking like a goofy school club anime this show actually does have some darker ideas and fight sequences in it so just wait around.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 1

Yet they don’t make the audience wait long, or even let the plot and exposition even catch up, as we scene change to France in episode 2 where Kamijou teams up with another girl from the previous seasons, and I’m really struggling with my memory to place her, to destroy some mystic pipeline and instead they get attacked by a guy who claims to be the right seat of god.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 2

Yeah, they haven’t eased up on throwing every term and idea they can drag out of any theology book on the planet at the audience in great big exposition dumps either so it really is business just as usual for this show. The fan-service is also plentiful with panty shots, blushing girls, and other revealing outfits coming thick and fast in these two episodes.

So pretty much if you’ve enjoyed this before, it gets right back into the same tone we left off at and it is still just kind of fun. A little head scratching at times with some of their ideas about religious organisations and the way they use some of their terminology, but still fun.

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12 thoughts on “A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episodes 1 + 2: That Time Something Happened to Kamijou

  1. I have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal 33 year old guy named Adam lee he lives in Tokyo Japan he is a workaholic businessman he wishes to find true love he visits a wishing well his wish comes true with multiple strange weird odd bizarre unusual eccentric girlfriends who come from a different world called Elysium.

    1. It wasn’t bad, but there’s also a lot of things about it I didn’t love (I liked it enough to buy on DVD but I’ll still call it out on some of its less admirable moments).

  2. I sat through both prior series and the spin-off film (via review discs not by choice) and I have to agree that Railgun is the superior show.

    Not only were the stories better and more focused but Index herself is SUCH an annoying, pointless character, whereas Mikoto is actually likeable and has a purpose.

    If this gets a UK release I’ll probably get the discs otherwise I can wait… 😉

    1. I think the magicians and the church really just add a bunch of overly silly exposition to Index’s episodes (and Index herself ceased to be relevant as a character a fair time ago) and all of that is really minimised in Railgun giving us just a fairly decent story set in the same place.

  3. I have never seen this show, but as it’s already in a third season I don’t think I’ll be watching this anytime soon. But it is on my list nonethelesss for the fact that I usually do like these types of shows 😊

    1. If you haven’t seen it, I’d strongly recommend the spin-off series ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’. It takes the best character out of Index and removes a lot of the sillies plot aspects (though doesn’t diminish the fan service moments, just changes those responsible for them). Still, Railgun is very solid and while there are a lot of cross overs between Index and Railgun, there’s no requirement to watch Index to get into Railgun.

      1. Well I immediately went over to Crunchyroll to see if this one is available for me, and luckily it is. So I have just added this one to my queue. Now that Attack on Titan is seemingly on hiatus until April next year (seriously annoying by the way), I might add this one to watch an episode of each week instead of binging it in one sitting😊. Thanks for the recommendation 😉

      2. There are a couple of events in Railgun S that are fleshed out by the POV they’re seen from in Index I… But they’re nice-to-see, not required.

  4. I’ve a lot of trouble clicking on this show to watch it because I did like it back then, but my tastes have changed a great deal. If it’s more of the same, I don’t mind not watching this season and waiting for Railgun.

    1. I don’t think anything happened in these first two episodes that would make me say you should definitely jump back on board. It is fun enough but the problems that were a part of the show back then haven’t gone away.

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