A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 5: I’m Glad I’m Not The Only One Confused

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A lot of the dialogue this episode was taken up by characters either trying to identify or asking which group others characters were a part of (not helped by on the the groups being called GROUP) and it made me feel relatively happy that I wasn’t the only one lost as to who belongs to which random name. The real problem though is that even within groups there ends up being dissent so even if you didn’t remember their names you remembered who was working together, until they decide not to work together. So colour me confused on the specifics of who is helping who and who is fighting who.

That said, Accelerator, Tsuchimikado, the Aztec guy and girl wearing bandages (see, I’m paying a lot of attention) remain fairly much the main focus and more or less everyone is against them so whether you remember which party the opponent comes from becomes more or less an exercise in pointlessness.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 5 Accelerator

And all of that might make Index sound like a terrible mess which, from a strictly speaking point of view, it is. However, you can’t tell me that watching Accelerator turn up the villain act to 100 as he squishes a bug who thought he could best a level 5 esper just because he’s a little off his game since taking a head shot isn’t entertaining. It is over the top, it is really cluttered and messy, there’s way too many characters, groups, and powers bouncing around the place to actually keep track of it in any meaningful way if you are only a casual viewer, and yet there’s so much fun energy here.

Now, the one criticism I’m not going to hand wave past because it was fun anyway comes back to the Aztec guy as he’s facing off against someone from his previous organisation. And after she pretty much loses the fight she starts unravelling, fairly literally, because apparently she took a grimoire into herself (apparently it didn’t matter as long as she killed the Aztec guy – so great thought process there). Now, it has been forever since we’ve heard about the grimoires and to be honest I forgot why they were such a big deal (seriously, the show is named after Index who houses a bunch of the things, they really should show up more often), but even that isn’t the problem.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 5

The problem is, Aztec guy just says what he’s going to do to stop it and even admits he doesn’t know if it will work and then we cut scenes. Later, Aztec guy meets up with everyone else on the team.

So, what happened? Is the girl alive, dead, consumed by the grimoire, ran away, what? I mean, they might tell us later but whatever they do now it will be telling us about this confrontation rather than showing us and to be honest Index does a little too much stand around and technobabble at the audience to explain things that we could just as easily learn by seeing.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 5

However, with that complaint out of the way, I had another very fun time watching this episode and amazingly enough we are still Touma free. From reading other posts from people familiar with the source it seems he won’t be appearing in the arc, so I guess we’ll see but to be honest I’m not actually all that upset with his absence.

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2 thoughts on “A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode 5: I’m Glad I’m Not The Only One Confused

  1. I loved watching Accelerator… “Oh, you wanna dance? Hold on *one* second while I take off my kid gloves. There. Let’s dance!”

    1. Accelerator was definitely my favourite part of this episode. Then again, even when he was the ‘villain’ he was a great character so he is pretty awesome whenever he turns up.

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