Up Close – The Expressions of the Soma’s

Something a little bit different this week as instead of looking at one character from a series I wanted to look at the range of facial expressions used by members of the Soma family in Fruits Basket. For an anime that deals heavily with the emotions of its characters it really manages to convey a … Continue reading Up Close – The Expressions of the Soma’s

Kenja no Mago Review Episode 10

Revenge Gained, Now What? Kenja no Mago Episode 10 Early in this episode of Kenja no Mago I wondered whether or not we needed half an episode devoted to the antagonist’s back story. The answer is actually yes, though possibly we could have gotten the highlights of the story in a shorter period of time … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Review Episode 10

Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 10

Ghosts and Fireflies Senryuu Shoujo Episode 10 We’re sticking with the summer vacation theme this week but here we hit the super cute button as the characters make a plan to go to watch real fireflies. Of course the club president isn’t happy just to let it rest with that and makes alternate plans that … Continue reading Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 10

RobiHachi Review Episode 9

Stealing Childhood Memories RobiHachi Episode 9 Revisionist history, flash backs and forced memory retrieval… okay, this episode got more interesting than I originally expected. Instead of our usual opening we had a story about the first moon landing and alien contact, though this was an interesting portrayal of those events. Then Robi and Hachi land … Continue reading RobiHachi Review Episode 9

Fairy Gone Review Episode 9

A Train Derailment To Set The Story Straight Fairy Gone Episode 9 After making an assassination attempt against the prime minister dull, I wasn’t expecting much from Fairy Gone despite a certain other blogger’s assurances that things were about to get somewhat more interesting. After 8 episodes of poor pacing, badly timed or irrelevant flash … Continue reading Fairy Gone Review Episode 9