The Growing Bonds That Join These Characters

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 2 continues to surprise as it avoids being as trashy as I expected from the synopsis. This episode spends a lot of time building a rapport between Rui and Natsuo with fairly solid results.


Not Brushing Aside Trauma Makes For A Better Narrative

The events from episode 1 were not brushed aside and the world did not reset with everyone just moving on. The trauma of nearly being killed weighs heavily on Asuka’s classmate as does the feeling of helplessness. This story is taking it’s themes seriously even as it builds something fairly entertaining.

Harsh Comparison Of Experience and Naive Ignorance in Battle

Sword Art Online Alicization continues in episode 15 with Kirito and Eugeo climbing the tower. Only turns out they are just going to get dragged up to the 50th floor so two episodes after setting out they are half way to the top. Never mind, there’s a sword fight to get to.

Why Emma’s Lack of Compromise Is Both Foolish and Brilliant

After one of the best premiere episodes I’ve seen in a long time, episode 2 of The Promised Neverland had a lot to live up to, and while I can’t say it 100% did, it was still a very solid episode that has definitely moved the plot and characters along nicely while still managing to ooze atmosphere and tension.