91 Days Episode 8


Corteo is going to be a problem. Okay, he is a problem. He’s a problem for the other characters and he’s a problem as a character. I won’t spoil the developments in this episode but I do want to address the problem of Corteo as a character. He is Avilio’s friend. He wants to help him but has no desire to be involved in the shady world of the gangs. Which all makes perfect sense as does his hesitancy at certain times. What doesn’t make sense are his actions this episode (no specifics to be mentioned). It’s just impossible to figure out what he is attempting to accomplish so when it goes wrong you just roll your eyes at the inevitability of it all and you still don’t know what Corteo wants. Does he still want to help Avilio? Are his actions somehow supposed to help him? Or has he just slipped off the deep end?

On a mostly unrelated note, I’ve decided 91 Days has the prettiest title of any anime this season.


Anyway, 91 Days is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 8

  1. I think Corteo was in that trapped rat kind of situation. He didn’t want to be apart of the mob anymore, but Fango was the final push that set him off.

  2. Well at the end Fango says maybe he’ll reveal the “Real traitor” instead implying that most of the mess cause in the episode wasn’t due to Corteo. Which leads to him staying true to form and doing what he does for the sake of Avillio.

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