91 Days Episode 7


I’m pretty sure this was conclusion last week; everyone in this anime is going to end up dead. This episode more or less confirms that the ultimate end for all these betrayals and intrigues is a bullet. It really feels like this show only has one reveal to go and that is who is the extra person involved in the killing of Avilio’s family (and will he still be alive for Avilio to kill when he finds out who it is). Until then, we’re just going through the motions of having Avilio pressing just the right buttons to have the others more or less self-destruct. Maybe there will be a better twist coming, otherwise it really will be just watching this to see the inevitable end.

91 Days is available on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 7

  1. I like this show because its an original (meaning spoilers) and the main character is on a killing spree to slowly kill his father’s killer. How cool is that?

  2. I’m holding out for Nero “winning”, in a major final plot twist. Be it by his friend betraying him, for the “right reasons” because he’s gone off the deep end, or a miscalculation on his part, or something.

    1. That’s definitely my feelings as well. I’m preparing my bucket of tears because everyone I remotely liked (and a small amount of those I didn’t) wound up dead v.v

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