91 Days Episode 5


They return to the city this week and I have to admit I’m going to need to rewatch the show from the beginning because at this point I really can’t keep the families and their names straight. Which makes this episode with the plot heavy on betrayal, deals and backstabbing particularly hard to follow. Although, we could simplify. Nobody likes Nero and Avilio would be better off just letting nature run its course (as his friend tells him Nero is going to die even if he does nothing). But that’s not good enough for Avilio who is apparently the completionist of the gangster  world and won’t be satisfied unless he gets them all. I did enjoy this episode more than last week but as I said, the details of the show are starting to get confused because I probably haven’t paid close enough attention.

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3 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 5

  1. Well, what good is a revenge if you’re not the one delivering it, and only take that revenge on two of the four people responsible for killing your family. He also has the “revenge is my only reason for living” thing going for him, so I can understand his unwillingness to leave it be.

    Here’s a character chart someone made for anyone who’s a bit lost.

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