91 Days Episode 10


If I wasn’t sure before this episode more or less confirmed that Avilio has no intention of surviving his revenge quest. With that piece of information in mind, his actions throughout the whole series make a lot more sense because at no point could I see what his exit plan was going to be. This isn’t to say that his death is guaranteed, but it does make it clear that beyond his revenge he has no plans, and the number of death flags raised this episode make it very doubtful the anime has any plans to save him last minute. Who else will end up dead? Or more importantly, will there be anyone or anything left when the flames from this revenge burn out?

Corteo’s death this episode is not tragic as it is definitely the result of his own choices and has been inevitable for awhile now, but the execution of this death was perfect for the tone of this story. While this episode is slow moving it hits all the right notes to draw us back into the story after a middle that seemed to lose its way.

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7 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 10

  1. That looming dread you felt when you knew Corteo was bound to die. I got a little too emotional at his little speech when Avilio pointed the gun at him and he did his little handwave. Looking forward to what Avilio does next since he doesn’t have anything tying him to his past and holding him back.

      1. Definitely agree. Now that the Vanetti’s has completely taken all family from him; there’s even more of a drive for him to get revenge even if it kills him, which is what i got from when he said “I’ll see you soon” + that demonic look on his face!

  2. This episode was really entertaining and like you said, I think potentially solidifies what kind of revenge-story we’re looking at. Love the tone of the whole thing and if we’re going down the fully self-destructive route then I’m excited to see the presentation.

    1. This episode definitely got me excited for the end. The series as a whole I still think is pretty ordinary (the middle just didn’t really engage me) but the start and this last episode have been really interesting.

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