91 Days Episode 1 + 2


Mafia story about revenge and illegal alcohol. I could probably be more specific but there’s already been so much promotion for this it doesn’t really feel necessary.

Review Episode 1:

This is a promising first episode. We’re introduced to a young man and his motives for revenge. His friend is good with chemistry (helpful for making illegal alcohol and blowing things up apparently). We have all the usual mafia idiocy of overly mucho men talking big and then having to follow it up with knife/gun fights. The tone is pretty serious in this episode (so don’t think Baccano) and the opening credits play more like a black and white movie than an anime. I’m definitely interested at the moment in this but will really need more of a connection with some of the characters if I’m going to get right into this.

Review Episode 2:


Like with most mafia shows, every character in this story is unlikable. They are thugs and hypocritical and lack empathy for anyone outside of their own little circle. That said, I don’t dislike this show. It is far more serious in tone than the other shows I’ve picked up this season and I just don’t see how this situation will end well for anyone, but it has created tension and drama in the first two episodes and established a clear motive for our protagonist, even if his plan seems a little complicated (assuming he has a plan and isn’t just winging it). Definitely going to keep going with this.

91 Days is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 1 + 2

    1. I haven’t liked it anywhere as much as Gangsta. It’s taken itself very seriously and the story is pretty slow. That said, it is a nice dramatic piece of storytelling.

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. For me, I actually liked Vanno…at least it confirms that little to no plot armor shall be used~ Looking forward to the rest of this series.

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