3D Kanojo: Real Girl First Impressions


Going in to this anime with no expectations probably helped my first impressions of this series because I’m probably going to go for at least a second episode. Your thoughts?


From the synopsis I was almost ready just to pass on this one, however something about it made me hit the play button and I’m almost glad I did. While it isn’t an anime I’m going to instantly fall in love with, it did enough in this first episode to make me want to see a bit more of what it has to offer, and really that’s what a first episode should exist to do.

Tsutsui has one friend and does not like 3D girls, whereas Iroha is known for playing around and being an overly flashy girl. The two of these characters together make for a cliche meeting but they play it fairly well. Part of this is helped along by Tsutsui not being an overly pitiful character despite being a geek and loner. While he does have a few bouts of self-pity throughout the episode, he’s mostly a functional human and that makes everything that happens in the episode far easier to swallow.


Iroha didn’t make a great first impression, but mostly that is because Tsutsui didn’t really give her much of a chance. By the end of the episode, while she’s not exactly leaping into the lead for favourite character ever, I have to admit, I’m a bit more curious about her circumstances and I wonder what she really does think about Tsutsui.

So this one, I’m going to give a little longer to find its feet and hopefully it continues to be interesting. What did you think?


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24 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl First Impressions

  1. What Iki said. Tsutsui is an annoying little self centered prick, but Iroha intrigues me. That’s pretty much all that’s carrying me into the 2nd ep.

      1. Dang! I’m thinking about getting HiDive, there are a few on there that I can’t find on Crunchy, Amazon, VRV, or Hulu… How many subscriptions will I need in life?

        1. I’m thinking of dropping Amazon. I didn’t get it for anime in the first place and there really isn’t enough on there to keep me interested. I was going to drop my AnimeLab subscription but they have Tokyo Ghoul this season and I think Steins;Gate so I’m guessing I’m holding onto that for a bit longer.

          1. Yeah, I pretty much have hulu only during the fall and spring. Now Tokyo Ghoul is on it so I’ll keep that one longer now too.

  2. I didn’t watch it, mainly because it seems like those shojou romance stories where there’s tons of drama, lack of communication, and annoying characters. But it might surprise me, so who knows. I’ll wait till a few more episodes pass before deciding whether or not I should take the plunge.

    1. Probably a safer plan because I’m definitely going to assume this one is relying on the usual assumptions, lack of communication and artificial teen drama to keep itself afloat. While that in itself isn’t terrible provided the characters make it interesting, it isn’t exactly a great sales pitch either.

    1. I’m kind of hoping the main character grows on me. He was at least functional and I didn’t hate him at any point, though the few self-pity moments were a little excessive.

      1. That’s one of the reason why it’s annoying for me, but yeah I’m agree that at least he’s functional character 👌

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