3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 8: Writers, Please Understand No One Mistakes First Aid For Romance


I’m going to ignore that this anime has descended further into teen melodrama and focus in stead on the fact that 3D Kanojo: Real Girl has taken a step far away from reality by having the girl seething with jealousy over first aid. And it wasn’t even mouth to mouth resuscitation for once.


Last week I came to the sad realisation that almost everything interesting about this anime had disappeared with the characters becoming worse than tropes, they’d become boring. That trend continued this week as 3D Kanojo: Real Girl proceeded with its bog-standard plot of taking the cast camping, got some characters wet which of course resulted in a fever, and just for fun decided that they should break the main couple up after Tsutsui treated Ayoda for a burn by holding her hand under water.


Yup. That was apparently the catalyst for Iroha, previously cool and an amazing character capable of carrying the show, as become this much of a joke shoujo protagonist that she resorts to tears, a ‘baka’ and flees into the woods at night wearing her house slippers. Sigh.

And in its usual contradictory manner, this anime gave us one of the coolest Iroha moments early in the episode where she confronts the boy who stirred up all the drama a few episodes ago. Most characters would put a ‘but I forgive you’ at the end of their spiel but Iroha actually despises the guy who is despicable. I kind of liked that. To bad by the end of the episode I legitimately wanted it to pour rain just to see if my theory that anime characters melt if they get to wet was actually the reason for their extreme paranoia of downpours.


Okay, I’ll admit that the actual reason for Iroha getting upset was that Ayoda did tell Iroha that she loved Tsutsui, but really. Iroha is smart enough to know that Tsutsui isn’t cheating on her so the whole situation is just overblown.

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9 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 8: Writers, Please Understand No One Mistakes First Aid For Romance

  1. Interesting. I actually didn’t really interpret that as her mistaking the situation for romance. I took it as the moment reminding her of how pigheaded she was being to Tsutsui earlier. Which is why, later, after she ran out, she accused him of it being his fault but later admitting, to herself, that it was her own for being jealous over something so stupid to begin with. I’m sure she’s well aware that he isn’t cheating on her. And Ayado’s poorly timed indirect confession just sort of pushed that button.

    1. But even the other characters all looked guilty and like something wrong was going on when there was a first aid situation in play. I get they are teenagers but seriously, prioritise your friend’s burn over your hormones for three seconds.

      1. THAT I totally understand. But I put that more on them than on her. I think it really came down to the wrong mood being delivered by the scene overall.

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