3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 7: The Ants Go Marching Two By Two


Anything that may have been different or interesting about this anime seems to be getting levelled out by the inevitability of teen romance plot mechanics. Let’s pair up everyone and go camping together. Whee.


It’s an ongoing annoyance I have with romance stories where not just the main couple, but everyone who interacts with them, seems to be matched up by the end of the story. It is totally implausible and it forces relationships where there seems limited grounds for it. And while this story hasn’t got there yet, we now have a main cast of six characters, three boys and girls, and as we prepare for what seems an unnecessary and entirely forced camping trope of an episode it seems as though they are getting matched up two by two.


Though that doesn’t really review this episode and more my general thoughts on where the series may decide to go. This episode was pretty much nothing. The jealousy was quickly and mostly uneventfully overcome and then we went shopping with the boys in Akihabara before Tsutsui rescued the gardening girl from being harassed while working part time as a maid handing out tissues.


When Tsutsui became assertive I’m not sure but it is part of the ongoing trend of this show homogenising with every other teen romance. Compare Tsutsui’s open declarations in this episode compared to when he rescued Iroha from being accused of stealing a book. What happened to this character? Right now he’s pretty much standard male protagonist who occasionally has self-doubt and everything distinct about his personality has been toned down to practically negligible leaving a fairly unremarkable viewing experience in its wake.

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