3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 4: Dark Times


This anime isn’t exactly caring about the plausibility of its conflict and yet manages a decent enough episode for the characters. What did you think?


One of the weakest links in this anime so far has been Tsutsui as the protagonist given he’s been pretty unlikable despite some reasonably relatable character traits. Episode 4 goes about correcting that by putting us firmly in the shoes of someone who has been looked down upon and misunderstood for so long he doesn’t even fight against it when his reputation is literally destroyed by a vindictive would-be boyfriend of Igarashi.


Of course, this raises all new problems given no matter how you look at it the situation is overblown. Reporting something falsely to the police, regardless of the circumstances, seems a bit extreme for high school rivalry, particularly since the target in question is so pitiful in the first place. Igarashi remains a solid character staying true to her decisions and now Tsutsui is starting to look a little bit more human despite his rough edges. It isn’t a great show, but there’s certainly some reasonably moments here and the romance between the two leads is actually kind of cute, even if sometimes I wish Tsutsui would just stop doubting himself long enough to accept that a girl might actually like him.

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11 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 4: Dark Times

  1. My thoughts exactly. I’m actually enjoying this, for the most part. And that last episode helped get into Tsutsui’s perspective a little more. Better than how it’d previously been handled. I also do really like Iroha, despite some of her own faults. I really hope Tsutsui does develop a little more and gets out of his own head, eventually. I agree that this just seems vastly blown out of proportion. Though I also just found the scenario a bit… implausible. It just seemed a little forced that it’d even get as far as it did in the first place. I’m hoping the matter resolves in a satisfactory way, at least.

    1. I guess we’ll see what happens next. And overblown drama is fine as long as they go somewhere with it and it seemed like they were trying to tie it to a character moment.

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