3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 2: Equal Parts Like and Hate


Two episodes along and I still don’t know whether I’m enjoying this or not. Did you drop or keep this anime on your watch list?


Honestly, this episode frustrated me. If I’d drawn a table I could have written down all the moments and bits of dialogue that were irritating or stupid and on the other side all the moments that were genuinely sweet or interesting and I’m pretty sure I would have ended up with a fairly even split. What that meant was I spent quite a few minutes of this episode contemplating killing the stream and then something would happen that would make me think, just keep watching. It isn’t exactly a fun viewing experience when you are teetering between wanting to bail and wanting the characters to just not be idiotic for two whole scenes so you can actually enjoy the moments that they nail.


Visually, this is pretty unimpressive, with a lot of the crowd shots and backgrounds really lacking in detail and at times even the main characters kind of go off model a little bit. I think the one thing that is saving this from a drop right now is that while Tsutsui is undeniably a terrible boyfriend, he isn’t actually an abusive jerk. Sure, he is a jerk at times but mostly because of his own self-doubt and because he’s totally wrapped up in his own misery rather than because he’s actually trying to torment Iroha. It doesn’t make some of his dialogue any easier to swallow but at least his motives are mostly to avoid harm rather than inflicting it as we see with some male leads in romances.

I somehow doubt this is going to be all that great, but I’m still interested enough to go another week so I’ll see what happens next.

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19 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 2: Equal Parts Like and Hate

  1. Not so different from my opinion… As I think I’ve said before, all the pieces and parts are in place for something decent – but the execution is very rough.

    1. The execution is definitely getting in they way and overall the script just needs to be more nuanced in how it presents the characters.

  2. Yeah, I agree that the episode’s visuals felt a bit lacking. The show is alright to me so far – it never felt boring, but there were moments when I just wanted to grab the characters’ shoulders and give them a good shake.
    If there’s anything carrying the show, it’s probably the (fairly unreal) character of Iroha to me.

  3. Still watching this as all new shows I watch get the 3 ep trial period.

    So far this show is okay, nothing too special but it’s not horrible or anything. Well not yet at least. I’ll give it one more ep before making a final decision.

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