3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 12: Is That It?


There are some stories that when they finished they leave you wanting more because they were just that good. This is not one of those stories.


Wow. So the brother shows up, rips the broken glasses off the face of the guy he assaulted, has them fixed but then essentially demands that said guy breaks up with his sister. Then he just kind of creepily hangs around, dropping the ‘we’re not blood relatives’ into a conversation with his sister (because that’s totally a normal thing to say). We won’t ever know where he’s actually been or why he’s so possessive of his sister, or even how they became not blood relative brother and sister because this is the last episode and this character arrived last week and somehow became significant even though, like most everything else, he isn’t.

Worst logic ever.

Then we get the continuation of Itou and Ayoda’s non-romance which just kind of continues along its status quo going nowhere. Again, this is a final episode and we have a relationship that is essentially in an ongoing holding pattern. While this does happen in real life, it does not make for compelling viewing.

Finally we have our main couple who will, for reasons unknown, go through yet another communication break down as Tsutsui works to earn money to buy Iroha a ring. She insists she trusts him but gets all teary about it and so he hands over the ring and they get a kiss and that’s pretty much all she wrote. The kids all go for ramen.


That’s is it. No actual mention about the six month time limit on this relationship that was somehow a big deal way back when. Nothing to address Iroha’s family situation. Just nothing. It is all just kind of blah.

Full series review coming soon.

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8 thoughts on “3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 12: Is That It?

  1. “There are some stories that when they finished they leave you wanting more because they were just that good. This is not one of those stories.”

    That could be said of many of the shows this season. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by weak looking seasons that turned out to not be so… This is not one of those seasons.

    Anyhow, we’re getting a second season, and I’m not sure I will be back.

    1. I’m almost sure I won’t be back.
      And yeah, this season ended up being fairly ordinary to weak. Although, that could just be because of the choices I made in what shows to follow, but it really does seem like this season has been a bit slow.

    1. I’m with you. Why? And who is waiting for it? This started okay but got progressively less interesting. It didn’t exactly leave us wanting more of it.

    1. Somehow I don’t think a final paragraph explanation would make it better. It would actually make me wonder why they hadn’t done a better edit to fix the story.

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