3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 11: Reality Is Not A Rom-Com


Well, Tsutsui is finding out this week that just because you want someone to be happy doesn’t mean you can achieve it. Right before he gets punched in the face.


I’m going to complain about something that doesn’t normally come up in my reviews, and that is the number of slightly off-model shots this episode has. The character faces are distorted and slightly too wide or too long so many times and the whole thing just ends up looking a little bizarre like the characters are made of clay and have been left in the sun too long. It is a weird thing to worry about wen the show has only had average visuals and animation in the first place, but it was actually distracting during this episode.

Onto the episode itself and we see Tsutsui realising that Ito like Ayoda and has him trying to set them up. It understandably doesn’t end well because Ayoda likes Tsutsui and leaving the two alone just results in Ito realising that Tsutsui is always going to be Ayoda’s first choice.


We then have the touching recap of events with Iroha and Tsutsui where a random guy shows up and punches Tsutsui. Turns out he’s Iroha’s before unmentioned brother who has been overseas (love how many characters in anime have a parent or sibling conveniently overseas until the plot decides to drop them in, even though they’d never been mentioned before). And naturally, the best opening when meeting someone for the first time is to punch them in the face.

Oh well. I guess we’ll see what happens in the final episode.

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