30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 9

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Onto Day 9 and this challenge is a lot harder than I expected. I mean, I post every day anyway and given I was going away it seemed like doing the challenge would be a nice way to get some daily content while I wasn’t able to watch streaming anime. But having a predetermined topic and having to stick things in sequence is a new experience for me given I normally have quite a bit of flexibility and move things around at will.


Anyway, anime with the best soundtrack. Honestly, it is probably something like Baccano or similar but I’m not big on music. It either fits the show or it doesn’t and other than the opening itself, I’m unlikely to pay a huge amount of attention unless the music is jarring or brilliant. The only anime soundtrack I can actually say I love is the Sailor Moon soundtrack (English). And that’s probably because I first heard it whenย  I was a kid and still into music but this is a soundtrack I actually bought on a CD and listened to endlessly. Now a version of it is on my phone mixed in with all my other music.

There was just something very catchy about the songs from Sailor Moon and given how much I loved the series it seemed fairly likely I was going to fall in love with the music.

That was a fairly lame answer so please tell me what your favourite anime soundtrack is.

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16 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 9

  1. I’m a music junkie. But I’m similar to you in that unless the music is phenomenal. I won’t really notice because I tend to get swept away by the animation and storyline. Sailor moon has had some serious bangers.

    Rashiku Ikimasho from Super S is my hands down my favorite.

  2. Attack on Titan, an answer that probably surprises no one coming from me. I liked Yuri on Ice’s skating music a lot too but I don’t know if that counts.

    I didn’t really to pay attention to OST before starting my blog though. Even now, only the more striking tracks stand out.

    1. I think if I did this challenge on a few years I would probably choose Yuri On Ice because I will probably end up buying that sound track. I really enjoyed it. Still it was too new for me to choose it this time around.

  3. Hmmm best soundtrack Chain Chronicle : Light of Haecceitas is at the top for me right now. But I also really enjoyed Psycho-Pass and Cowboy Bebop. Also I think I might really like Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu, I was quite please by what I heard in the 1st episode. Hopefully if will continue like that

  4. So much of Sailor Moon I still remember to this day, yet I would need to refresh myself about that soundtrack. Is Sailor Moon Crystal similar to the original? I have watched that more recently than the original.

    And if I had to pick my own…I am a complete sucker for jazz or jazz fusion. It would come down to Cowboy Bebop, Death Parade or even Yuki Kajiura’s soundtrack for El Cazador de la Bruja. She is truly a good composer and I am looking forward to listening to her work in the new Princess Principal coming out this season.

    1. Background music of Sailor Moon Crystal is kind of similar but I really enjoyed the songs during major moments in the English dub. Admittedly, not my style music anymore but seen through the nostalgia lens it isn’t bad.
      Death parade was pretty good and I also really enjoyed ACCA.

  5. Besides already mentioned Sawano I’d add Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno. I think Kanno’s Zankyou no Terror soundtrack is the one I listen to the most.

  6. This challenge is tougher than what it seems like, themed essay-like (but definitely more enjoyable) aside, I have troubles because of my memory. Can’t remember which was the best one for each category with certainty.

    Mine would be probably Rewrite’s, as horrible as an adaptation it was, it did a great job by choosing to use the Original soundtrack of the VN. I really love it. Another competitor would be something done by Sawano Hiroyuki, the first that comes to mind is Aldnoah.Zero’s aLIEz, but I’m pretty sure Rewrite is the winner for me (of what comes to mind right now, that is).

  7. Well…take it from me: even though you find it hard, and I can definitely believe that, you are doing fine. Your content is just as good as always ๐Ÿ˜Š As for best soundtrack, I had to think about this a bit as well, but…I’m going for Another. I thought the soundtrack fit the material perfectly especially when building up suspense, and in the later episodes ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. My favorite is no mystery. I spent a month praising Your lie in April and its soundtrack.

    I think I liked it so much because they paired it really well with all the scenes that impacted me, so it really sticks out in my mind.

    1. The music in Your Lie In April really works with the show, but I can’t say I’d ever buy the soundtrack for it. While watching, I love how the visuals and the music fit together so that was really great and it is really beautiful.

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