30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 8

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Here we are at Day 8: Favourite anime artwork/directing.

Directing I’d have to go with an anime I am posting reviews of later this month and that would be School-Live. The concept and story for that anime would never have worked as well as it does without some really excellent choices and to be honest, I think the first few episodes of that are spot on in terms of direction.


However, for artwork I’d have a few options. Grimgar or Fantasy and Ash was certainly beautiful to look at, but I also really like the brightly coloured world created in No Game, No Life. Or maybe something like Tsubasa Chronicles. For something darker, I really loved the original D Gray Man. Basically, I don’t know. I like lots of different shows and styles.

No game No life


Over to you. What would you choose for favourite artwork or directing?

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8 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 8

  1. No Game No Life for me. Vibrant colour scheme, the backgrounds are prime desktop picture material, whomever had to animate all the special effects etc. did an extremely good job and the entire place is generally great to look at despite it being fantasy setting. It feels new and refreshing, instead of the more common normal architectures.

  2. School-Live! Man, I am super looking forward to your review of that. I enjoyed that show a whole ton. If anybody hasn’t seen it, just go into it blind and enjoy. Absolutely will surprise you, just give it a full episode to work its magic. Trust me 🙂

  3. Interesting choice School-live!. I’m currently having a blast watching that one 😊 As for my favorite artwork/directing, tough choice. I loved the artwork on Kado (even though there were also quite a few people that hated it), but I think Your Lie in April has somfar got to be my number 1 choice. Both the art and directing on that one was absolutely amazing. 😊

    1. I really like the look of Kado as well, though I will admit it took a couple of episodes before I liked the look of the characters.

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