30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

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Day 6 is tricky because I actually don’t have a favourite ending theme song. I am going to pick an anime that I really liked what they did with the ending theme and that is Inu x Boku SS. Each episode had an ending theme that featured a different character and some of these songs were quite entertaining and they all revealed or consolidated points about the character.


Of these my favourite would have to go to Karuta’s Sweets Parade. It isn’t the most insightful song but it just highlights her absolute love of eating and it was kind of fun to listen to. Plus the pastel visuals were a nice contrast to the usual colour scheme the show delivered.

Over to you. What is your favourite ending theme?

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

  1. As with the OP, I can’t pick one particular song as my favorite ending. But both of AoT season 1’s endings are my absolute favorites. Kuroko no Basket’s Glitter Days is great too.

  2. Some of my favorite ending themes would be in no particular order…

    “You Won’t See Me Coming” from Gankutsuou

    “Life is like a Boat” from Bleach

    “Wind Song” from the Jungle Emperor Leo movie

    “Blue Flow” from Haibane Renmei

    “Bokura no Bouken” from Hikaru no Go

    “Heart of the Sword” from Rurouni Kenshin

    “Lullaby” from Now and Then Here and There

    “Vermillion” from Bokurano

    “Hotaru” from Hunter X Hunter (the original series)

    “Tasogari no Umi” from .Hack//Liminality

    1. Nice list. I probably haven’t listened to most of these given my usual habit of not paying much attention to the ends of anime, but it is great that you have so many that you enjoy.

      1. Thanks! Feel free to check out those songs whenever you can. I’m a music fan, so I can appreciate the musicality of some of these songs. Some of them are obscure, but I find them quite good. “Wind Song” from Jungle Emperor Leo was done by Takako Matsu who would play the Japanese dub voice of Elsa from Frozen of all things which I thought was strange.

  3. Uh, the only one that comes to mind on the spot is Accel World’s, not really for the song, but for the visual: I loved how it represented Haruyuki’s desire to reach a place alongside Kuroyukihime, and the way he is literally shown draggin his own body through all of the path towards the butterfly, left such an impact on me, that I still remember even with my bad memory.

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