30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 29

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We’ve made it to Day 29 and we’re looking for my highest rated anime. This is going to be tricky given I do not actually use a rating system of any description. Still, if I narrow down my options by eliminating anime I know aren’t particularly well animated or well written but I just enjoy because they are fun… then I just need to eliminate all of the stories that are pretty much cookie cutter copies of every other story… narrowing it down. What about eliminating any story that has a character that just makes me face palm every time they appear on screen…

And I’ve got it!

Okay, I already know people are going to disagree with this choice but that’s okay given this is my choice.

I’m going to go with: March Comes in Like a Lion.

I was seriously tempted to go with Evangelion but to be honest, the convoluted story line and the symbolism that just goes a bit crazy at times kind of killed it. March Comes in Like a Lion is:

  • Beautiful to look at.
  • Filled with complex and fairly interesting characters.
  • Has a basic plot but is character driven.
  • Combines music and visuals beautifully to set the tone for the show.
  • Has a fairly strong emotional impact on the audience.
  • And is still kind of fun to watch.

I’d love to know your highest rated anime so please leave a comment below. We’re almost at the end of the challenge and I am almost back to start doing seasonal reviewing again.

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13 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 29

  1. My highest rated anime on MAl is Prince of Tennis. It’s less a reflection of quality than the way it swept me up into its craziness during its run. Other than that though, I don’t think I could choose since as always, it keeps changing. It’s Yuri on Ice now but Steins;Gate comes close.

      1. It’s kinda long and the animation is shoddy at the beginning but it’s got its charm. I’d say that if your watch Kuroko’s Basketball and like it, then you should give PoT a go.

        1. Kuroko’s Basketball is probably the next thing I’m going to attempt in terms of catching up on missed sports anime, though I’ve read very mixed reviews about it with some people loving it and others finding it unrealistic. I’ll keep Prince of Tennis in mind for later viewing. Thanks.

  2. Well, I think you might already know my answer. There were actually three anime series that I considered: Another, Erased and Your lie in april. But in the end I just had to go with Your lie in april. It was such an emotional ride from start to finish, that I just had to go with that one 😀

    1. I really didn’t realise how hard this challenge was going to be when I started drafting it. Really glad I wrote all the posts in advance of my going away because there is no way I could have done this day to day and thought of an answer.

  3. Oh, 3-gatsu no Lion is on my PTW list but I forgot to prioritize it. As for my highest rated anime, two comes to mind: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The good art coupled with the great animation, the sound and music to enhance every mood of the scene, the ever-moving plot and its loveable, developing characters… the combination of these made the show enjoyable that it didn’t make me feel that I watched 64 episodes. It’s a great combination of action, drama, comedy, fantasy/magic, with some seasoning of romance for me! I was happy with the ending (albeit not completely satisfied because I want mooore!).

    The other is Princess Tutu. I liked how cute the art and animation of Princess Tutu is. I also love how the story contains so many twists and turns; a story I initially thought would be cutesy turned out to be quite a dark fantasy. The music and sound is essential to the show and they’re well-chosen. The characters are well-rounded characters, too! I enjoyed being taken aback by how things were happening.

    1. I loved Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, mostly for the characters and the great action sequences. It was just fun to watch and I like that it doesn’t feel all that long while you are watching it.
      Thanks for sharing your answers.

  4. 3-gatsu no Lion is a great choice. My boys and I watched that one together and they absolutely loved it. Not to forget: the OP and ED from the first season (Bump of Chicken’s songs) were great

  5. Why would anyone have to disagree, I think 3-gatsu no Lion was extremely good too. Great choice, though I don’t really get what “highest rated” exactly means. Is it simply another way to call your favourite Anime or the one you enjoyed the most? What about ther 30th then. Halp, I need a FAQ or something here.

    Curious how this one is actually towards the End of the list though. As for mine… I actually rate with “10” quite frequently (which is good, as it measn I’m enjoying my time, heh). If I had to choose the most high rated though, it would be probably (as it’s too hard to just choose one) Steins;Gate. Although I’ve even played the VN, I can’t stop thinking that the Anime was simply so amazing. Then again, I was still new to Anime back then, so the impact was huge. Probably more than what I would have felt now.

    1. I enjoyed Steins;Gate but I find the middle of the anime kind of drags a bit. Still, it is one of those anime I love rewatching.

      1. Oh, interesting, as usually it’s the first part to be found slow or even boring. The middle part…uh yep. Can’t remember, or at least, not exactly. Was it the part in which it seemed more focused on the individual girls (and on a trap)? I suppose it would seem somehow unnecessary as the Anime doesn’t have “routes” (in the VN you could choose to “save” them instead).

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