30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28

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Day 28 asks me which anime do I wish never ended? This is possibly the easiest question on this list as I’ve already more or less answered it previously.

Natsume Yuujinchou.

Seriously, the episodic nature of the show and the set up pretty much guarantee that the story can go on forever and the characters have naturally aged and grown as the story has continued and they can just keep doing that. It would be kind of cool to see Natsume graduate from high school and figure out how to balance his work life with his relationship with the supernatural. It would also be kind of cool to see if he ever manages to find someone to marry and start a family with. Of course that makes me wonder about what Nyanko-Sensei would do then but I can see Nyanko as the perpetual house cat looking after generations of Natsume. It would be so cute.

Okay, I just love this show and don’t really want it to ever come to an end.

What show makes you feel like that? I’d love to know so please share in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28

  1. Hmm, I really wished Your Lie in April woud have been endless. I truly loved that series, and the emotional roller coaster I went on while watching it. It was simply amazing. 😊

    1. But I think part of its charm is that the story itself is finite. There’s a definite end point and that makes it far more powerful than just continuing to float along with characters day after day.

  2. Ugh, that for me is quite the opposite. I’m not really fond of the idea of a never ending Anime. Or rather, the thought itself would be very alluring and I would be all for it, the point it, I don’t think there will ever exist one that will be able to stay interesting and entertaining for ever. I naturally did hope several times before to have more episodes/chapters for some series, but then I realize that if it ended, the author must had a reason or simply was satisfied with such ending.

    Episodic ones are probably the type that get most near to that, but, too bad, I’m not really fond of them in general either. Though Natsume is indeed an exception to the rule and I enjoy it very much.

      1. They will all end eventually. Probably many many seasons after they should have concluded, but they will eventually find an ending.

      2. Umu, you are indeed correct (though Naruto and DBZ finished airing and are just being repeated pretty much), so let me be more precise. Never ending Anime that costantly keeps a high quality in terms of story or that are interesting/entertaining throughout their whole series, that is for ever. So, yeah. I don’t really think a story that will be good until the end of the times will be born…

        1. Yeah, I agree that it’s not possible to create a story that lasts forever and stays interesting all the way to the end. It just gets repetitive and dull after a while.

  3. Technically an invalid answer, isn’t it? As far as I know Natsume hasn’t ended and its creators seem perfectly happy to make more seasons.

    But you’re right with your line of thought. I think for a never-ending show to stay watchable it would need to be episodic. Any series with a defined story arcs that go on and on (DBZ is the obvious example) gets repetitive and stale after a while. You need something that can stand on its own no matter when you watch it.

    1. If we’re getting into technicalities, lots of my answers have either been invalid or I’ve given multiple. That said, I don’t want Natsume to end. Although, another series I’d like to see come back and go on for multiple series would be Ghost Hunt. I quite enjoyed that and even though it was told in story arcs each story was kind of stand alone and lasted 3 – 5 episodes and then we moved to a new story.

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