30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22

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I knew we’d get to an easy one eventually and Day 22 gives it to me. Day 22: Favourite romantic couple. This one is an easy guess for me and that is Shirayuki and Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair. A close runner up would be Sawako and Kazehayo from Kimi ni Todoke (and Kimi ni Todoke is my favourite romantic anime) but as a couple Shirayuki and Zen are just all kinds of sweet.

shirayuki and zen

I think what I like about Shirayuki and Zen the most is that neither one is a broken character being fixed or healed by the other. They are both hard working and generally nice individuals who just happened to find one another. They bring out the best in one another and support each other, lending a hand when needed, but neither one is ‘saving’ the other from anything as they probably both would have found their way if left to their own devices.


Seriously, cutest couple ever.

Over to you. Who is your favourite romantic couple?

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22

  1. I agree with Kiriko and Asuna, though they kind of got too serious too fast for me. Although I realize a lot of time passed in the game, their love goes from 0 to 60 in the span of a few episodes or at least that’s what it felt like to me. And don’t get me started on the second half of that show. Haha.

  2. Favourite Romantic Couple, hmmm. To be honest, I’m quite unsure, since restricting this to Anime only is hard for me. I think my choice would be either Kirito x Asuna (as much as hate it got after the SAO part, I really liked the couple, not to mention reading Progressive is really helping) or Tomoya x Nagisa from Clannad (pretty much the most memorable one I have).

  3. Zen X Shirayuki wasn’t really a surprise and I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise for you too if I say that I really like Ryuji and Taiga as a couple. I guess their chemistry during the hard times gets me? Whatever the reason might be, I would love to be in a relationship like them someday (That excludes the part where they are separated).

  4. Zen and Shirayuki! *hearts*
    And I agree with what you said. It’s also the same reason why I love this couple so much. They aren’t “puzzles” that “complete” each other. (I never liked that idea.) They are two independent beings capable of actually living without each other but the sweetest thing is that they choose to be beside each other to watch the other grow and to be just… there with them. And I love how each of their interactions are so precious because you know that those are the few opportunities they get in the midst of their hectic lives, which makes those times all the more romantic. *heartsss*

  5. After thinking for a bit…I would say Kirito and Asuna. Their chemistry is just awesome, especially in the first season. So yeah, that’s who I will go with 😊

    1. I like them as a couple too, at least in the first arc. They really work well together and push the other put of their comfort zone.

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