30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19

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Day 19 and it’s my favourite comedic character. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of comedy so comedic characters definitely tend to lean more toward the annoying than favourite but if I can pick a duo then I can answer this question.

It’s Isaac and Miria from Baccano.

Isaac and Miria.gif

These two crazy characters literally steal every scene they are in and despite the fact that they are totally oblivious to the epic story unfolding around them, they play a critical role in almost every story being told. They are just fun to watch but they don’t hang around on screen long enough to become annoying. Seriously, these two are fantastic characters and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fairly serious story.

Who would you pick for favourite comedic character?

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8 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19

  1. Great choice. Issac and Miria manage to be hilarious without crossing over into being irritating. No one comes to mind when I think of my favorite comic character but knowing me, I’ll remember one right after I post this comment.

  2. My first thoughts were Shining Saotome from UtaPri (ME is VERY VERY funny!) and Alex Louis Armstrong from FMA (the comedy of the Armstrong line has been passed down for generations!).

  3. I love the perfectly timed comedic interactions between the major characters of the anime , ” Engaged to the Unidentified. ” Most importantly, the characters are not trying to be funny. It’s brilliant. That’s why , I watch it again and again, maybe more than a dozen times now.

  4. I know it’s kind of cheap with using a character from a parody anime, but I’d say Shinesman Sepia from Shinesman. Even though there are crazier characters than him, he’s interesting because he plays the straight man and is really snarky. I think that he also has some of the best quotes in that OVA. After the Shinesman team fails with their office themed gadgets, he calmly says “Guys…we’ve got to do something about these lame weapons.”

    He also has one of the best insults in anime history by calling one of the villains “One OVA short of a series.” Hilarious. Boy, was that a criminally underrated anime from the 90s.

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