30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 12

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Day 12: Best ending to an anime.

Anime is notorious for ending very poorly. So many stories end without resolution asking us to either read the manga, play the game, or wait for a sequel that will never come. So basically, any anime that actually ends is pretty good.

Still, best ending?

I’d have to give it to season 1 of Black Butler. I kind of felt that was the perfect end. Ciel had finally gotten his revenge and had resolved to hand his soul over to Sebastian. Not to mention he was dying anyway. They rowed down a river together musing about his life and getting a few flash backs before they arrived on the island. They had a touching conversation and then Sebastian moved in to finalise the contract where the show ended.


For a story about a boy out to punish those who hurt his family and his pride and willing to sell his soul to do so, this is pretty much the only ending that is going to make sense. It was kind of perfect. Season 2 managed to destroy this moment and that’s probably the reason I dislike season 2 so much.

What is your favourite anime ending?

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19 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 12

  1. I really enjoyed the ending for Black Butler: Book of Circus. I felt it was quite perfect for that specific ARC. I loved the ending for Your Lie in April, and I also liked the ending for Rideback. It was bittersweet but so perfect for that series.

  2. Nice call with Black Butler. While I did like BB2 for its own reasons, overwriting that great ending is one of its more grievous drawbacks.

    For my favorite I think I’m over biased at this point but to echo raistlin’s comment YLIA’s ending was incredible for me.

    Also it looks like I’m going to have to make an Eva post because people need to understand how brilliant that TV ending was (in a way that EoE wasn’t).

    1. The series was interesting but you have to admit between budget constraints and a whole other bunch of issues, that ending, while intriguing and memorable, kind of leaves a lot missing. End of Evangelion actually gives it some context and helps it make more sense. In that way, arguing one is better than the other is kind of silly given both are kind of needed to really put everything together.

      1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t mean to sound like one was better than the other. I’ve just seen too many people who say “don’t watch the TV ending.” Budget issues aside there was some real substance there.

        1. No, you didn’t come across that way. I really enjoyed the TV ending but I needed the movie for the narrative to feel complete. I really should just get around to a review of this series already.

  3. Little Witch Academia had a great ending, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, it’s definitely worth the watch. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood also had a great ending to it. I could liken Death Note to your Black Butler, I feel like the show is more complete with only season 1.

    1. Little Witch Academia finally came out on Netflix so I might even get to watch it soon. I don’t know that it is really for me, but I’m excited that I can at least give it a go now.

  4. http://i.imgur.com/Y0o2Tw5.jpg

    No, but seriously it has to be End of Evangelion. After the ending Gainax pulled off in the original series, anything would have been better. But they went above and beyond to give us one of the most mindscrewing masterpieces to ever come out. But not only was it a great film by its own merits, it helped contextualize the ending of the original series.

  5. Phew../tough question. A couple of animes spring to mind. I thought the ending of Orange was pretty beautiful (I know you are not a big fan of that one), but Your Lie in April was ofcourse seriously amazing as well. And then there was Another…which also had a good resolution I thought 😊

    1. Your Lie in April end beautifully. Another I didn’t mind the end of but it really felt like a lot of the violence in the final episodes kind of escalated for no real reason other than the writers really wanted a blood bath.

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