30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11

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Here we are at Day 11 and we are looking for the saddest anime scene. Definitely spoilers in this post.

Hughes death in Full Metal Alchemist comes to mind but even though that is pretty sad probably the two scenes that make me cry every time I see them are the final couple of scenes in Angel Beats and Kuro Sensei’s death in Assassination Classroom.

So, probably nothing new about these choices given they are both partings at the end of a series where strong connections have been forged. And both series then follow up with a positive afterward to take some of the sting out of these moments, but they still make me cry.

How about you? What is the saddest anime scene you’ve seen?

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13 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11

    Angel beats for me as well, but I actually cried more for Yui. Probably just me though, but seeing Hinata and Yui accompanying each other no matter the physical differences together with Ichiban no Takaramono playing in the background just made my breakdown with heartfelt emotions.
    Another one for me is AnoHana’s final scene. Seen it twice so far, one in the anime and one in the movie, but whenever secret base starts playing I just can’t hold it in and start crying.
    I’m probably really emotional about lots of things, but these two have my votes for being the most sad.

  2. Well…no contest for me: the final episode of Your Lie in April. The emotion on display in that one was pretty much off the charts for me. So yeah…saddest scene without a doubt 😊

    1. But yeah, i can never get through the last episode of Angel Beats without bawling my eyes out, despite having seen it upwards of 20 times now.

    2. Wow, I haven’t heard anyone mention Chrono Crusade in almost a decade and it still got me a little choked up. It was one of the first fansubs I ever watched and I thought I was getting into some light-hearted comedy. Nothing could prepare me for that ending. It hit like a ton of bricks and was one of the few anime’s that ever made me cry.

  3. That scene from Angel Beats and probably most of Clannad: After story. Most of that season of Clannad was just me crying.

  4. Hughes’s death is one of the worst for me, the whole scene from his death to his funeral with Elicia crying for her daddy 😢 there is also Masaoka and Kagari’s death. Oh! and Totsuka and K-Memory of Red manga.

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