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Tuesday's Top 5

There are plenty of cool homes and houses that we come across in anime but there are some that stick with me well after the anime has finished. Today I’m counting down my top 5 favourite anime homes and houses. That said, there are a lot of great houses in anime so feel free to share your favourites in the comments.

Number 5: Student Council Building – Code Geass

This one is a little bit odd because technically it is a school building. However, as the Ashford’s allow Lelouche and Nunally to crash there I’m counting it as a home so there we go. The biggest issue is finding a picture of the exterior that isn’t the entire school and alas I came up short on that. Still, it looks like an amazing place to live except for the tragic circumstances surrounding the characters who live there.

Number 4: Yuuko’s Shop – xxxHolic

Seriously, how can you not love this place. And I love how it is nestled in amongst the high rises of Tokyo. It is just a beautiful building and with the trees framing it like a small oasis of magic and mystery within the large city, Yuuko’s home is amazing. Okay, again there’s a lot of fine print on this house but that shouldn’t stop us from admiring.

Number 3: Shigure’s Home – Fruits Basket

I still remember watching the original Fruits Basket anime and seeing Shigure’s home with Tohru for the first time. It is an unassuming building surrounded by nature and it is truly gorgeous. The open nature of the house makes it feel like part of the forest surrounding it and the characters spend a lot of time on the veranda or rooftop adding to the feeling that it is a very open and inviting house. As Shigure, Yuki, Tohru and Kyo build a home within it, the house is just as much a part of the show as these characters and I love it in the new anime adaptation as well.

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Number 2: Kirito and Asuna’s House – Sword Art Online

Feel like visiting floor 22 of Aincrad? If you do in addition to gorgeous trees and lakes where hiking and fishing are the relaxation hobbies of choice you can also drop by this adorable little cabin where Kirito and Asuna built a home within the virtual world. While it isn’t as grand as some of the entries on this list, this one is filled with warmth and love and very much was a home built by the characters.

Number 1: Tigre’s Home in Alsace – Lord Marksman and Vanadis

If I’m honest, this is the building that inspired me to write this list. I just happened to watch a few episodes of this the other day to try to help me relax and when I saw Tigrevurmud Vorn’s family home in Alsace, the home that he fought so incredibly hard to protect even after becoming a prisoner of war, I realised that I had to write this list. This place is truly adorable and full of the memory’s Tigre has of his father as well as the upbringing he’s had with his friends. This is a place worth protecting.

That’s my list but as I said before I’d love to know yours. Let me know which anime house you would include on your top 5.

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29 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Houses

  1. Kinda surprised Yuri Katsuki’s home isn’t up here. Who wouldn’t want to have a house that’s a spa where you one day find your celebrity crush naked in one of your tubs??
    For extravagant homes then Saiki K’s Saiko Metori’s new decked out mansion he built to impress everyone is pretty sharp!
    Or a home of great adventures would be the house of Mei and her sister in Totoro. Classic!

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  2. I also love Yuko’s shop and Shigure’s house especially because, like you say, the characters make it a home. I also like the Nadesico, the Argonaut, and the Archangel for this list. They aren’t houses, they’re spaceships, but the characters make them homes.

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  3. This is one heck of a unique list this week Karandi. And some of my favourites got a mention too.

    I’m a huge fan of Kirito and Asuna’s little home within Aincrad. My wife and I always talk about getting a place like this one day, in the middle of nowhere by the lakeside, surrounded by nature.

    Your top pick is an interesting one too.

    Interesting list. Really has me thinking what my own picks would be now!

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  4. I was thinking of Kirito & Asuna’s place too… More than a house, a much loved home. (And no, my eyes don’t get misty when they buy it in New Aincrad. Just a little dust in my eye.)

    There’s also the Kuramoto’s house in Flying Witch. And I think Handa’s house in Barakamon, the ever evolving cast that hangs out there also neatly works with how he changes across the series. (And in both cases, I have a serious weakness for updated traditional Japanese houses.)

    Ah, how could I forget? Almost hit ‘post’ without mentioning Hakumei and Mikochi’s tree house!

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  5. Fruits Basket and xxxHolic are great choices!

    I have to admit that I’m partial to homes that feel comfortable and lived-in and inviting, and kind of reflect their occupants in a way. There are some beautiful homes that I wouldn’t pick because they feel kind of cold and impersonal. Anyway, there are two that came to my mind right away. One is the Jinnouchi house in Summer Wars. The other (much more obscure one) is the airship in Kaitou Joker where the two main characters live whenever they’re not out phantom-thieving.

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    1. “I have to admit that I’m partial to homes that feel comfortable and lived-in and inviting, and kind of reflect their occupants in a way. ”

      Pretty much explains all four of my choices…

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  6. This is a really interesting topic and I love it! I know that Luffy’s pirate ships would be in my top 5 for houses. Although they’re not your typical house, it’s their house to them!

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