Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 7

Cute Umbrella Sharing Moment

Episode 7

We are back to super cute this week with Senryuu Shoujo as we get a standard girl wants to share umbrella with guy plot. Fortunately the story begins and ends with this set-up and the middle section is a fairly cute mission to build a rabbit hutch.

Nanako with frizzy hair - Senryuu Shoujo.

This episode does make me wonder why Nanako and Eiji aren’t already together. It is quite clear that they are both into one another and Nanako’s adorable concerns about her hair going frizzy in the rain is highly entertaining as is her slight lie and manipulation in order to get to share an umbrella with the endlessly clueless Eiji.

Eiji chasing rabbits - Senryuu Shoujo

Where I’m less thrilled is in the club president manipulating the situation by lying to Nanako about the legend and through the announcement of the escaped bunnies. While her intentions might be fine it all just seems a little too contrived.

Nanako and the girls - Senryuu Shoujo

That said, watching this motley group of characters – the delinquent, the girl who communicates only through poems, the girl who hides herself with her drawings, and the psychic – try to repair the rabbit hutch was utterly adorable and honestly I think I’d happy watch that combination of characters take on almost any task.

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This anime is very average but in terms of being cute and light viewing it succeeds admirable and the half-length episodes are just right.

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