Afterlost Review Episode 5

Is It Padding Or Set-Up? Time Will Tell.

Episode 5

No bread.

Okay, no bread yet. Still just crumbs and pieces of ideas that might come together.

Afterlost shifts its focus this week to the magician we saw briefly earlier and a criminal group that are stealing artefacts that may have his brother in them and somehow or another Takuya and crew get talked/coerced into going to the scene of what should be their next heist to… I’m not sure. Reunite the brothers?

Of course it isn’t that easy with Souma showing up and essentially being a bit of a jerk and then we’re left for the set-up of another round of Souma versus Yuki where we know she is stronger but not all that in control, plus she doesn’t want to hurt her brother, and where he’s just a bit crazy and will probably do more or less anything for reasons that are yet to be made clear.

I’m in two minds about this at this point. I had fun watching the episode but then I’m left wondering what happened to the whole needing to get to Lost thing. It feels like the characters just abandoned that idea. I’ll admit, they had good reason to rethink the plan, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve bothered to give us a clear sense of what their plan B is. How episode 5 ties in with Yuki finding her father or finding out what happened with Lost is really not outlined or even hinted at and ultimately it just kind of feels like a filler complication with additional characters to flesh things out and distract. Then again, perhaps there is a link and we just haven’t got there yet.

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Really, Afterlost works well enough but it is still all riding on whether or not this story pulls itself together or whether it ends up just a convoluted mess with padding. I’m hoping it comes together but I’ve been disappointed before so I’ll hold off on making any judgements until I get a clearer picture of what this one wants to become.

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