Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 5

Cute nonsense without substance.

Fortune telling girl could have been cool. Could have been…

Episode 5

The art girl is already old news and doesn’t actually appear in the episode at all. Instead, the senpai from their club directs Nanako and Eiji to a psychic who can apparently make accurate predictions.

I mean someone who wears their hair like this because a fortune teller told them to wear different hairstyles is clearly someone you should trust for advice.

What follows are a series of date-ish sequences for Nanako and Eiji that are pretty cute but there’s not a lot of substance here. I mean, billiards jokes about sticks and holes aside, there’s really nothing going on in this episode.

It would have been nice to have gotten more from the fortune telling girl herself who realises she got her first prediction for the pair wrong because she used the wrong kanji for Eiji’s name. As she follows them around it would have been nice to learn anything about her but the episode just doesn’t get into it.

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Ultimately this is just light fluff and while Eiji and Nanako remain one of the cuter not-quite-a-couple anime characters I’ve seen for awhile I’m not entirely sure that’s enough for an entire season and this episode really starts to show the lack of other content in this series.

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