Vote For The Best Anime of 2018

Time to choose the best anime of the year that was 2018. The poll below contains the top three picks from each season as voted by you, the readers, and now it is time to decide which of these titles deserves to win best of the year.

The poll will close on the 14th of January with the winner to be announced soon after. Last day to vote!

Because the selection is already short listed, you get one vote, so make it count, and be sure to spread the word because the more the merrier. I’d love to know what you voted for and why so please leave a comment below.

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Karandi James
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23 thoughts on “Vote For The Best Anime of 2018

  1. I’m going to laugh again at the premature hype of Devilman Crybaby at the start of 2018, when anime youtubers the world over proclaimed it anime of the year… 7 days into said year. Now, aside from my little moment of satisfaction, this was a good poll. As always, there’s a good variety and selection of anime that came out, and I think anything here could reasonably win, though like everyone else, I have my favorite 🙂 Looking forward to the results!

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    1. I’m very curious to see which one wins. First and second place have been very tight (but at least everything has been voted for, I’d feel really bad if one of these shows hadn’t received any votes).

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  2. I’m disappointed–where are the bribes?! Here in the States, if you’re going to have an election, you allow the candidates the opportunity to smear each others’ reputations and bribe the voters. (I wouldn’t have caused any trouble. My vote can be bought for a cold beer, and a plate of fried chicken would have gotten you the votes of all my cousins whose names I can remember closely enough to forge. . .)

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          1. Ah, ok. I think the Anzu/homeless arc was the most powerful for most people, so if nothing else I would recommend finishing that. Could just be a matter of taste, though.

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    1. I am very curious as to which of these people will vote for in this final poll. They all made the top three of their season but it will be interesting to see which they think is best overall.

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