Have Your Say on the Best and Worst Anime of the Season

Goblin Slayer Episode 8

And we’ve come back around to that time of the season. It is time to vote for the best and worst of the Autumn season. As always, this is an entirely subjective, opinionated vote and best anime in this context just means the one you liked the most. That said, you can vote for up to three anime in each poll should you not be able to decide.

On that note, the top three anime chosen this time will go into the best anime of the year poll that will run from January 1 to January 19 in 2019 before the winner is announced.

So let’s do this. Vote for your favourite anime of the season below. You have until the 29th of December to cast your vote. And if you wish to, leave us a comment telling us what you voted for and why.

Alright, and moving straight on to the worst of the season. Remembering, this is the worst anime you actually watched. We’re not voting for shows we assumed were horrible from either the PV or the first episode. This skews the results meaning the ‘worst’ anime is usually an average one, but it is the worst one that the readers actually watched this season.

Thank you for voting and if you could, please share the poll. The more the merrier.

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8 thoughts on “Have Your Say on the Best and Worst Anime of the Season

  1. Didn’t see Himote House listed, nor do I recall seeing Welcome to [the] Japari Park, the Kemono Friends prequel. . .both are great shows, and either could easily carry the category “Making the most of the worst animation.”

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    1. Well, so far only one anime has more than one vote for best and same for worst. The rest of the votes are all very scattered at the moment. I guess we’ll see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

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