Being Fearless And Taking on a Colossal Challenge

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Ignoring the hyperbole in the title, blogging is a hard gig with a million things to do and any change becomes a massive challenge. With wordpress trialling their new editor, a new mountain has appeared. And while at the moment you have the option to just ignore it, looming ominously in the distance, ultimately the only way to know whether it is actually going to be that much of a problem is to actually get in there and give it a go. So that's what I've done for nearly two weeks and while I know they are still working on features and things, these are my current thoughts on it.


You Have To Step Back To See What’s Really There

Run With The Wind Episode Review Title

Run With The Wind Episode 9 Review: Haiji's attempts to teach Kakeru about teamwork and the fun of running even while we get some new drama injected into our sports drama story.

A Story of Fan-service, Parodies, and Star Children, Oh My

Conception Anime Episode Review Title Image

Conception Episode 8 Review: The last two star maidens fall under Itsuki's gaze as we get a cheap knock off of The Bachelor and then a final twist thrown in for the sake of extending the story given we're already out of actual subject matter at episode 8.

Natsume’s Book of Friends Volume 5 Manga Review: Friends Past and Present

Volume 5 of Natsume's Book of Friends gives us a wide variety of characters and stories and really does look at the influence of the past on the present. We also meet Taki in a double chapter story that is as superb to read as it was to watch. It feels like a lot of … Continue reading Natsume’s Book of Friends Volume 5 Manga Review: Friends Past and Present

The Fallout From A Fox’s Shattered Reputation

Voice of Fox Episode Review Title

Voice of Fox Episode 7 Review: We're maxing out on melodrama and cliff-hanger endings and yet the build up has been enough that this show can handle it. The question is, can it stick the landing?

Erased Series Review: Weak Mystery, Great Character Drama

Erased Title Image

This is part of a series of re-posts of older reviews on 100 Word Anime. The original review came out in August 2016 and can be found here. I first watched Erased when it aired and it was an anime everyone was talking about. Being apart of the conversation was fantastic particularly as it was a … Continue reading Erased Series Review: Weak Mystery, Great Character Drama

Friendly Talks with Arthifis: Dakaichi Late Season Thoughts

Dakaichi Episode 7 On Set

Arthifis and Karandi join forces to discuss the latest episodes of Dakaichi. This post covers the events up to episode 8 and we're pleased to dive back into the relationship between Junta and Takato, slightly less pleased to discuss Ayagi.

Watch the Slime Playing With Powers and Defeating Ogres

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode Review Title Image

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 9 Review: Rimuru is still dealing with the death of Shizu as well as his return to human form. However, he doesn't have long to ponder his newly grown powers before his goblins are set upon by ogres. While there's still no sense of danger, it is kind of fun watching how Rimuru deals with that.

A Fight Between Saints Should Be Exciting, Right?

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Episode Review Title Image

A Certain Magical Index Episode 8 Review: While the protagonist sleeps off being more or less obliterated, the glorified extras will stage a fairly drawn out battle that ends inevitably before another saint comes marching in.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Surprisingly Good Anime in 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

I started this list in 2017 and unsurprisingly Spiritpact took out my top pick for surprisingly good show. The sequel didn't have quite the surprise factor, though it was still pretty awesome.Now, I will make it clear, this is not my list of best anime from 2018. That will come once the Autumn season has … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Surprisingly Good Anime in 2018