Goblin Slayer First Impressions | Friendly Talks with Karandi

If you haven’t already checked it out, Arthifis and I discuss Goblin slayer over on Arthifis’ blog. It was great fun to write so hopefully you enjoy reading it.

Arthifis' Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Here it is, the very first post of my collab with the awesome Karandi! 😀 As you already know this will be a conversation type of post, where we are talking about our Goblin Slayer First Impressions.

At her side, we talked about Dakaichi, so don’t forget to check that one out! 😀

Without further ado, here it is! The blue font is my side, while the purple one is Karandi 🙂

– Goblin Slayer First Impressions –

Goblin Slayer First Impressions

Hello There Karandi! 😀 How are you feeling today?

Pretty good. I’ve mostly been trying to get through first episodes of all the anime that came out during the week that I skipped. You?

I’m good too! 🙂 In fact, I’ve been doing the same as you! Let’s say this collab just wake a monster inside me I didn’t know and now I want…

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One thought on “Goblin Slayer First Impressions | Friendly Talks with Karandi

  1. My impression of the guild-lady scene as someone who doesn’t know the source material: She’s been through this situation a lot and her effort we see in this episode is the result of that (i.e. she probably tried harder when she was new to the job). Maybe it’s intution based on experience: if they don’t take the first warning, it’s pointless to go on. Maybe she’s had complaints and reprimands from higher-ups? I didn’t think too much about this: she was obviously unhappy with giving them quest, but that’s the job.

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