Cells at Work Episode 13: It’s Not Over Until It Is Over

Cells at Work, Episode 13 - Platelet

It is always great when you get to the end of the episode and feel like no time at all has past. You were just so caught up in what was going on it didn’t feel like any time at all. Cells at Work episode 13 manages that and for a season final it was pretty great.

Cells at Work Episode 13 - Red Blood Cells getting sucked out

While the body is going through a fairly big catastrophe this episode having suffered a head wound and major bleeding last week, this episode is incredibly solid. For an episodic anime it is regularly hard to have a big climax because other than doing the same again but bigger, there isn’t really a way to have a big finish. Cells at Work manages it by giving the body its toughest challenge yet and then it narrows its focus right down to the Red Blood Cell and her role in all of this. Rather than trying to show us what every cell is doing all the time, we see the disaster almost entirely from the perspective of Red trying valiantly to do her job and deliver oxygen as the world falls apart around her and even her kouhai ends up turning on her. It’s a fantastic way to end the season and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Similarly, the episode manages that really great balance of entertainment and education. We once again learn about the body, about what happens when we lose too much blood, the impact on our systems and the remaining blood cells, and then we learn about blood transfusions. Right until the end the edutainment is held up and they don’t ditch information for the sake of a more dramatic finish as they clearly know exactly what this story’s identity is.


We do however get interaction with the platelets, white blood cell, and a montage of all the cells we’ve met really trying to hold things together as things look like they are getting bleak. So again, it really does bring us that feeling that the show is coming to an end. With so many anime failing to land their final episodes, Cells at Work steps up beautifully and delivers a solid final episode that left me with a smile on my face and real if momentary desire to take better care of myself.


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13 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 13: It’s Not Over Until It Is Over

    1. Yes, I really feel we need a spin off that just follows the platelets and nothing else. It could work as a short form anime with 5 – 6 minutes an episode and just adorable platelets in action.

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  1. I had to pause the scene when the Microphages(macrophages?! Am I completely wrong?! HAVE I LEARNED NOTHING?!) are cooking those dead flea looking insects in pots of boiling water XD

    Like everyone is doing their best to keep the body alive and then they are just making soup from the flesh of their enemy… smothered in blood and wearing sadistic smiles of ecstasy… at the end of the world…

    It was so metal LOL

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  2. Like you I really enjoyed this final episode myself as well. There was a lot of tension (and even quite a few moments where I thought that they were not going to make it) and it was nice to see Red Blood Cell become a real strong heroine that really stepped up to the plate(let😂) It really was a great season finale. One can only hope that they bring this show back for a second season but even if that doesn’t happen, it might be a series that I will give a rewatch again at some point😊

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