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How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 11 - Saddler

And the summer anime season has come to an end. Later today I'll have my best and worst of the season posts out so be sure to drop by and check them out. In the meantime, here are some cool posts that people have written over the past week. I hope you enjoy them an … Continue reading In Case You Missed It


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Review

I was pretty surprised that I got to see this. I knew I was going to the city for work but the odds of my intended travel lining up with the week this movie was released were pretty low so I hadn't even checked where it was airing until I realised that I was in … Continue reading My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Review

Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Final Impressions with Kapodaco and Karandi

Karandi: Well, season three is now over and Kapodaco and I now have the chance to look back over the last six months of our lives viewing My Hero Academia and to think about how we feel about the series as a whole. That’s kind of a hard ask right now for me given I’m … Continue reading Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Final Impressions with Kapodaco and Karandi

Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode Twenty-Five

And My Hero Academia is done for the season. Check out Kapodaco and my thoughts on the final episode and sometime soon we’ll have a final impressions post for you all.
I’ve definitely had a blast with this collaboration and hopefully Kapodaco and I can work together on something in the future.

The Visualist's Veranda

hero academia 3 fifty-one

The final episode. After all the trials and perils our heroes have struggled against this season, what hell does the final episode have in store for them? Find no answers as Karandi and I discuss the significance of the decision to end the season with a… bah.

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Summer 2018 Week 12

The final week coverage of summer 2018, and yes I know that some shows haven't finished and that I haven't yet done final episode reviews of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi or My Hero Academia, but the season is all but done now. Some shows ended on a high note, some less so, but as always Summer … Continue reading Summer 2018 Week 12