100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams Episode 5: A Ghost Ship with Friendly Ghosts?

After the build up last week, episode 5 was mostly a let down, unless you are watching this just for the Princes, in which case there were many here and they had plenty of screen time.


This show started out with a pretty simple premise; Princess is summoned to wake up the sleeping princes and fight the dream eaters. Except, other than Avi, none of the princes have been asleep (unless they are technically asleep even though they are walking around) and the dream eaters have kind of disappeared entirely out of the last two episodes. Just not sure what the objective is at the moment or what’s really going on.

They do continue to build some intrigue around Kihel’s character, but the more build up it gets, the more concerned I am that it is mostly just going to be a giant let down when we finally find out what is going on with him. Much as the ghosts on the ship and the storm ended up being.


If anything, this episode really suffered from being overly cluttered. Too many princes and other characters with too little actual purpose. And then the pirate guy thanks the Princess for being the one to help him change and I’m just not sure what exactly she did (although she did actually save Kihel by herself for once so that was probably a step forward).

The shine might be coming off of this one. We’ll see what next week brings.

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