Record of Grancrest War Episode 24: At Last, The End

We’ll burn 10 minutes of this episode fighting the vampire king who is apparently important despite not really showing up at all prior, and then we won’t fight the Mages in Eramu because they’ll just poison themselves. Yes, this is how Record of Grancrest War Ends. Not with a bang, or a whimper. Unless that’s the sound of the audience hitting themselves for watching this far.

Yes, let’s just pretend the last ten minutes didn’t happen and that someone hasn’t just died. It is better that way.

Clearly this episode has some issues as a final episode, but for the most part these are issues that have plagued the whole series. Priscilla being a deus ex machina to overcome the vampire king is more or less par for the course that this show has run, and the fact that the mages, set up as the true villains, are taken out in almost ridiculously short order because they are already pretty much defeated and then the only mage left of note kills himself (what is it with the suicidal mages in this story) is just what you would expect.


So with that said, I’m not actually disappointed in this and the show’s general unwillingness to follow through on knocking off any of its main characters. So many death flags for both Silica and Theo and yet these weren’t acted on, nor were other characters forced to sacrifice themselves on their behalf. Essentially they all just held hands and walked through the finale because Theo promised to end chaos. Apparently that’s enough to allow him to succeed.


With that, this anime is done and I will now have to get around to writing a series review. That should be fun.

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7 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 24: At Last, The End

  1. “Unless that’s the sound of the audience hitting themselves for watching this far”

    Hahahahahaha, best line, which sums it up perfectly. This anime just shot itself in the foot from the get go and never recovered.

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    1. I agree. While the first episode could be viewed quite positively in terms of setting up a story, there were clear issues. Those of us who got on board did so with the hope the story and animation would sort itself as the series progressed. The problem was, that was the high point of the series when there was still hope for it.

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